Managing Organization Change in Organization

Principles for Managing Change Change is the need of time for any organization. It is important to change accordingly to survive in this competitive world. According to assignment help experts following are the three principles for managing change that are most effective.

  1. Change only happens, when each person makes a decision to implement the change.
  2. The intrinsic rewards of a project are often more important than the material rewards and recognition.
  3. A clearly defined vision of the end result enables all the people to define the most efficient path for accomplishing the results.

These principles are most effective to manage change because one cannot be changed by force. It is the personal desire as changes through force do not sustain for a long time. The involvement of people in changing decisions helps to manage the change more effectively as people also provide their full contribution for change implementation. The reward for the efforts of people also encouraged them to implement the changes within the business and to eliminate the change restriction. Similarly, having knowledge of the vision of organization also helps in managing change very well. It is because; a clear understanding of the vision and objectives of the business will be effective to communicate with people about the meaning of change for organizations and for their welfare. These principles also improve the contribution and efforts of people in change implementation.

Techniques for Managing Change: Many people in the organization are afraid of change because of rising competition and job security. Following are the different techniques through which an organization can manage change by business assignment help experts Vision: The organization should communicate the vision of the organization to implement the changes effectively in the business environment. Encouragement: In order to implement change, the organization should support employees and should motivate them properly for their efforts within the organization to implement the changes. Group Involvement: For proper implementation of change, the organization should involve group members in decision making regarding change implementation. It would be helpful to consider group members’ needs that will facilitate an effective change management in the organization. These techniques are quite consistent with the principles selected for managing change.

Communicating the vision to employees will facilitate an understanding about the most appropriate path of achieving organizational goals among employees. Similarly, the strategy of encouragement is consistent with the motivation and reward to the people for enhancing their contribution. Group involvement also encourages people to change according to organizational need as their need is being considered during the implementation of change by the management in change implementation.

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