Marketing Assignment Help on Coke

Marketing Assignment Help on Coke

Introduction:  In today’s business environment, branding performs certain strategic functions. For instance, branding differentiates a company’s product or services from the competitors. In addition, with the help of branding, a business firm can deliver the message clearly and quickly in the international market. Apart from this, branding also creates a strong user loyalty. The main strategic function of branding is to increase market share and creditability for the business firms. Additionally, branding generates quality brand awareness and attracts more and more customers. It also creates unique products and service for the growth of the company.


In addition, to increase the revenues, profit and sale of the company are the important strategic functions of the branding (Coca-Cola Project Management Assignment). For this marketing assignment help paper, Coke is selected. Coke is one of the leading brands of Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates. Apart from this, the company sells beverage products in more than 200 countries (Coca-Cola Business Strategy Assignment Help). In this assignment help paper, company’s desired outcomes of marketing communications program would be discussed. In addition, the concepts of brand image and brand equity will also be analyzed. Additionally, the role brand image plays in the advertising of a particular company’s product or service will also be discussed.


Desired Outcomes of Marketing Communications Program of Coke: The marketing communication program is used by Coco-Cola to generate the awareness of its brand (Coke) among the consumers. The objectives of marketing communication program include such points that help to increase the sales of coke. The main aim of communication program is to improve brand equity, so that the consumers may take favorable actions towards Coke (Coca-Cola Structure Assignment Help). This program also wants to be loyal to its consumers, employees and other stakeholders. This program is helpful to affect the behavior of the consumers that depend on the suitable market situations. For this online assignment help experts, Coco-Cola has to take a decision regarding the communication technology to deliver the message. At the same time, Coco-Cola also has decided to deliver the message for a larger number of consumers in the targeted market. This objective will cover all the areas of targeted market, where it could offer its brands (Coca-Cola Advertising Plan Marketing Assignment Help). In addition, this program also desires to build a strong relationship with the consumers. Coco-Cola also wants to deliver an effective and understandable message of coke by the consumers, so they have no problem to get the information of coke and other brands of Coco-cola.


Brand Image and Brand Equity of Coke: The brands of Coco-Cola have been remained strong and viable due to a power of its brand name. In addition, Coke has also completed some effective brand promises that maintained it as a strong and viable brand. It has fulfilled some promises that increased the faith of the consumers. Coco-Cola has been consistent with its promises and value of products by communicating with them about their promises (Market Analysis Assignment Help). It also leaks some secret information among the consumers. For example, Coco-Cola has not changed its recipe from last 122 years.


With this information, several faithful consumers are surprised that Coco-Cola has not added artificial flavor in Coke that increased its brand value in the market. In addition, Coco-Cola also has made strong brand equity and brand image by improving the level of marketing strategies and advertising. These strategies are helpful to remain the strong and viable image of Coke. It has creative and copywriter department that develops an effective advertisement for Coco-Cola brands (Albanese, 2001). The effective advertisement changes the behavior of the consumers towards buying the brands of a particular organization. The quality and taste of Coke is also better than its competitors that have contributed in the success of Coke.


Role Brand Image in the Advertising: Brand image may be defined as the consumers’ perception about the product or services offered by the company. So, it is the current view of the customers about a brand. Brand image plays several significant roles in the advertising of a Coca-Cola’s product or service. For instance, with the help of brand image, Coca-Cola adds the emotional benefits in its products to the customers. Along with this, brand image of Coca-Cola reduces the advertising costs for the company (Online Advertising Assignment Help). Additionally, through the strong brand image, the company increased their sales volume in 2012.


In addition, brand image helps the advertisers to provide catchy logos and advertisements. Along with this, for Coca-Cola, the brand image increases the awareness of the products and services in the mind of consumers. In addition, brand image develops a positive image and attitude regarding the advertising of product of Coca-Cola. Additionally, with the help of brand image, Coca-Cola is continuously utilizing the sources of advertising at cheaper costs (Advertising Campaign Assignment Help). Hence, it is estimated that brand image provides several significant and important benefits to the company.


Comparison of Brand Image with the Competitors: The Coca-Cola Company can compare their brand image with the competitors like Pepsi. For instance, the company compares the brand image with Pepsi in terms of overall reputation, quality and appeal of products or services, convenience and sales and marketing effectiveness. Apart from this, Coke identifies and compares their brand identity or image with Pepsi in the form of customer service, product delivery, timeliness, costs and resolution of problems and complaints (Advertising Campaign Planning Assignment Help). For example, to measure the brand image, Coca-Cola identifies the focus groups and target customers.


In addition, by identifying important factors within a particular market, Coca-Cola compares the brand image with Pepsi. Along with this, it should also be noted down that the company also uses different benchmarking strategies in order to compare the brand image in the global market. Apart from this, by comparing the total sales and revenues with the competitors in the current financial year, the company identifies the brand image in the international market (Sondoh, Omar, Wahid & Harun, 2007). Hence, with the help of different strategic tools and techniques, Coca-Cola compares the performance of brand image with Pepsi.


Conclusion: From the above discussion by online marketing assignment help experts, it is concluded that branding is a significant and important element for the total success and growth of the company. It is because; branding performs several strategic and important functions & activities for the business organization. In addition, it is also concluded that the marketing objectives of the company are effective and appropriate in terms of communication. Additionally, brand image and brand equity also play several important role for the company. Apart from this, it is also concluded that brand image plays virtual role in the advertising of products or services. Brand image also reduces different costs & increases the positive reputations of the product for Coca-Cola in the global market. In addition, through the trends in the beverage industry, Coca-Cola compares the brand image with Pepsi.


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