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As per marketing assignment help experts,there are mainly four types of advertisement sources available such as prints ads, direct e-mail, internet banner ads as well as viral marketing. Such advertisement sources are used to influence consumer towards the particular products and services effectively. The advertisement that printed on magazines, newspaper, booklets and any other paper that is portable in nature can be defined as print ads.

On the other hand, advertisement that is sent to a targeted list of recipients with the help of internet connection is termed as direct e-mail advertising. At the same time, the other advertisement source such as internet banner ads allows advertiser to post and display their advertise banners on the other websites. With the help of different media sources such as word of mouth, website and e-mail, marketing message is communicated and transmitted form one person to another person that can be defined as viral advertising. Form the all above marketing assignment help, internet advertising media, viral marketing is most effective and appropriate as it allows spreading the marketing message within the society like virus comparatively in less cost. In current competitive business environment, the other sources of media such as internet banners, print ads, online ads and e-mails are facing increasing competition in order to obtain consumers’ attention effectively and it is unable to provide positive return on funds that an advertiser invest in creation of advertisement.


This increasing competition leads to increase in cost of media that motivates the advertiser to search an alternative option for advertise their massage and reach the customers effectively. It is because viral marketing is effective and used over other internet media of advertising. The viral advertising includes word of mouth publicity of particular product and services in electronic form. If the promotional material of an advertisement is effective then it encourages other internet users to pass one advertise to other internet users at free of charge. Like other internet advertising media, viral advertising is not required to purchase of mass media in order to spread their message around the globe as in this, individuals are endorsed the advertisement without any cost and within few minutes. This distribution model is facilitated free endorsement of advertisements in less time thorough internet that makes it more attractive as well as effective. On the other hand our assignment help experts says that, due to word of mouth aspect, viral advertising is considered as honest form to advertise one’s product and service.


As in this, after seeing the advertisement, individuals’ are also recommended this to which they know very well such as their friends, family and colleagues. It is because they are preferred to transmit only true information that is worthy for them. This feature of viral marketing is not only effective for the consumers, but also the marketers as it facilitates to get the right people to talk about their advertisement. Evian that is the brand of Drinks Company is also used viral marketing video to promote mineral water successfully. In its viral videos, this company is used babies as the main cast and they are from different nationalities. This viral marketing video includes all the features and promotional content that tends the viewers to share with their friends, family and among the societies. With this video, Evian has enabled to transmit their message effectively with proper consistency among the society in less cost and time. It facilitates to build its image as energetic brand in front of its existing and potential consumers. is the place where students can get marketing assignment help and business assignment help of all topics with affordable prices. Our assignment writes have masters and Ph.D degrees from the international universities of Australia, UK and USA. Now students can avail 24X7 online assignment help.  


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