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This assignment help paper analyzes the impact of environmental factors on domestic and global marketing division of Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool Corporation is a USA based multinational company that manufactures appliances across all major categories including cooking, refrigeration, fabric care, dishwashers, water filtration, etc. It has successfully implemented global market strategy while considering several environmental factors that impact its global marketing decisions such as cultural differences, economic, technology or physical infrastructure, political or legal system, etc.:

Influence of Global Economic Interdependence & Trade Practices and Agreements: Global economic interdependence plays an important role for a global organization to increase sales revenue through focusing on both purchasing appliances parts from specific countries and increasing market shares in each region. Whirlpool Corporation outsources its appliances parts from other countries. It must consider the cost of technology, raw material, labor and operations in domestic and global marketing decisions. Selection of targeting group and classes of people depends on the economic position of country, so Whirlpool must consider global economic interdependence for taking domestic and global marketing decisions and deciding prices of products. Whirlpool must also consider different trade barriers and agreements, tariffs and taxes while introducing different marketing strategies for different countries. Whirlpool should carefully look for global economic interdependence & trade practices and agreements for taking marketing decisions. It can help to capture high market share by selecting effective marketing strategies.

Importance of Demographics and Physical Infrastructure: In recent time, demographics is an essential element of marketing to target the specific group of people. Demographics and physical infrastructure play important role to segment the market as per product categories. Whirlpool needs to consider disposal income of people and the size of customer demographic segments to select the target group. On the basis of demographics and physical infrastructure, it can develop marketing strategies such as discount offers, warrantee and other benefits to attract the target group effectively. Effective segmentation of domestic and global market with consideration of the demographics characteristics is beneficial to target the customers and increase firm’s market share in global market.

Whirlpool must analyze each countries demographics and physical infrastructure for taking marketing decisions. IT operates worldwide and serves with more than 66 manufacturing and technology research centers, so it is required to consider the physical infrastructure of countries to effectively create a network between its different manufacturing and marketing units to increase the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. It can establish its manufacturing and marketing units in best locations while considering the demographics and physical infrastructure to effectively target the customers with its marketing strategies. We also do marketing case study assignment help for the students of US, UK and Australia.

Influence of Cultural Differences: Organization must be familiar with the culture of each country it operates to be successful in global market. The difference in language, traditions, beliefs, values, religions, norms may affect the marketing decisions of the firm. Cultural differences influence marketing activities of firms because due to differences in languages, traditions, values, religions and beliefs, firms will not be able to communicate and attract the customers. Different marketing strategies for different markets with different cultures of people are required. To avoid the cultural differences, Whirlpool has effectively hired employees for all different cultures. At the same time, it has used international languages and maintained balance between verbal and non-verbal communication to avoid any lacking in its marketing decisions domestically and globally both.

Importance of Social Responsibility and Ethics versus Legal Obligations: The social responsibility and ethics also play an important role in marketing decisions of a firm. In recent time, most of the organizations consider the social responsibility and follows the code of ethics for taking marketing decision. It creates a positive impact on customers that contribute enhancing customers’ willingness to buy company’s product. Throughout the years, Whirlpool has developed a culture of doing the right things by following its code of ethics to maintain the level of marketing activities. The company avoids the vulgar advertising or messages and provides the accurate information of people to attract them worldwide, which reduces the impact of this on marketing decisions.

Effect of Political Systems and Influence of International Relations: The political environment can be one of the elements in an organization marketing environment. Organizations need to monitor the natures of the political environment of countries because political differences affect the marketing decisions. The instability of governments in underdeveloped countries impacts on the wisdom of firm’s marketing activities as they have to changes continuously. Instability in government increases the probability of changes in legislation in country that influence marketing activities. Government is responsible to protect the public interest and local firms through restricting the foreign organization to enter in local market that can gradually affect its marketing decision.

Whirlpool analyzes the changes in political systems of countries and changes its marketing activities accordingly to reduce the impact of political system on its marketing activities. Not only political system of country, but international relations also has a significant influence on the marketing division of a company. Sound relationship between the nations provides freedom to organizations for marketing their products. But the USA relationship is not good with Middle-East countries such as Iran or Iraq that restricted Whirlpool to enter in these countries. Whirlpool should consider USA relationship with another country, while deciding its marketing strategies for the particular country.

Influence of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 explains that the companies of USA would not pay, offer or promise to pay to any foreign officials on the behalf of influence his act and decision for organizations wellbeing. Companies of USA require following ethical norms while doing its business with foreign countries that restricts foreign marketing activities. This act influences the marketing decision of Whirlpool because it requires to make fair marketing practices and to provide accurate information to customers about its products and business.

Effect of Technology: Changes in technology also influence marketing decision of a company. Through the development of the internet, companies are able to market itself on a global market. The internet allows the companies to communicate with customers and transfer the information in the market at lower costs. On-line payment option of Whirlpool is effective to contact with clients and collect cash quickly. It increases the profitability of firm through reducing the cost of marketing.

Conclusion: On the basis of above discussion by marketing assignment help experts, it could be said that Whirlpool Corporation has considered the several environmental factors such as cultural differences, economic interdependence, international relationship, political or legal system, technology or physical infrastructure, etc, while implementing its marketing strategies in global and domestic market both.

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