Marketing Plan for Scoot Airline Assignment Help

Marketing Plan for Scoot Airline Introduction

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential for every organization to make effective marketing plan in order to launch or re-launch a product in the market in effective way (Dibb & Simkin, 2008). Through the marketing plan, a company can make effective positioning of the product that supports in achieving competitive advantages. This marketing case study assignment help paper discusses the marketing plan for launching entertainment services in Scoot Airlines.

Company Overview Scoot Pte Ltd. is an Airline company that offers low fare discount carrier to the customers. Company provides services in Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand and China. The company was founded in November 2011 and provides different services and facilities to the customers at the time of fly (Scoot Airline, 2013).

Mission and Vision: The mission statement of the company is related to provide best customer experience that increase in the value. With the support of different activities and services, company seeks to connecting people that discover, enjoy and experience the travelling. The vision of the company is to make number one airline company in low fare cost (Scoot Airline, 2013).

Company Goals: The main goal of the company is to provide safe, reliable and punctual flying services to the customers that improve their travelling experience. With the help of services and products, company also aims to provide better customer satisfaction in low fare airline market that will be supported in achieving competitive advantages. Our marketing case study help experts says that Company also aims on building a committed team with years of experience that will focus on making values and fulfill the promises to the customers (Scoot Airline, 2013).

Objectives: In order to create successful marketing plan the objectives will be as followed:

  • To improve the services of the company in flight.
  • To improve the satisfaction level of customers by 100%.
  • To make effective positioning of the company in the market.
  • To increase the market share by 20% at the end of year and loyalty of customers towards the company.
  • To achieve competitive advantage and build supportive marketing image of the company.

Customer Analysis Customer analysis plays an important role in any marketing plan. With the help of customer analysis, companies can effectively develop their understanding about the current customers’ tastes and preferences that supports in developing strategies and services. Through this, companies can also make stronger their services and provide them to the customers to improve their satisfaction level. It is identified that the company offers low fare carrier to the customers so, the customer base of Scoot Airline is related to the business persons and families those wants to go other countries for the holiday. This customer group mainly uses a low fare cost airlines for the travelling from one place to another. It is because this customer group wants to spend less money on travelling and also wants to save time (Beiske, 2007). In the marketing plan of launching entertainment for the customers, company will focus on the needs and demands of the customers. With the help of this marketing case study help, company will be able to develop its marketing strategies in effective way (Hoskisson, Hitt & Ireland, 2008).

Competitors Analysis The analysis of competitors is also important part of the marketing plan. Through the analysis of competitors, company will identify the current as well as potential competitors in the market for the products and services. It is identified that there are various competitors of the company, which provide low cost fare carrier to the customers and provide several facilities and services to the customers. AirAsia, JetStar, SilkAir etc. are the main competitors of Scoot Airlines that provide high competition to the company. These companies provide effective services and facilities to the customers such as food, entertainment, pick and drop facilities etc. (Gro & Schroder, 2007). Scoot Airline is a new company and has the resources to develop all these facilities related transportation of passengers and guest. Through the launching of these facilities, company will be able to develop its customer base and achieve competitive advantage from the market (Scoot Airline, 2013).

Market Analysis In the marketing plan, market analysis helps the company to identify the situation of the country in order to launch or re-launch of products and services to the customers. In the market analysis for Scoot Airlines, it is identified that most of the low fare airlines companies in Singapore introduces new products and facilities for the customers in order to attract them towards the company. In this assignment help said that, political, social, environmental, technological and economical factors also support the companies to launch new and innovative facilities and services to the customers (Hoskisson, Hitt & Ireland, 2008).

Marketing Strategy Target Customers: For the launching of in flight entertainment products and services, company will follow the needs and demands of frequent fliers, business persons and families. It will be estimated that these group customers wants some entertainment during the travelling and wants to relax. Due to the short haul, these groups of customers are also more interested to use new technology based products and services (Mayer, 2008).

Positioning: In order to create effective positioning of new entertainment products and services such as video, games and TV, company will use advertising and promotional activities. These advertising and promotional activities will include television ads, radio announcements and print advertising (Pper & Kupper, 2012). Through this, company will successfully launch new entertainment facilities in flights.

Marketing Program: The marketing program includes the marketing mix for the new launch product and service. In launching of new entertainment products and services, Scoot Airline will use videos, songs, games and TV for the customers. In this, company will provide new videos, songs and games to the customers that satisfy their needs and demands. For the price of product, company will consider the price in the fare or provide the new services on low cost to the customers. In the place marketing, company will consider medium and long distance routs for the services. In order to create promotion of new entertainment services, company will use effective advertising on TV, radio, print media, social networking sites and broachers etc. (Mayer, 2008).

Proposed Action Plan Proposed Time Line and Marketing Budget: The proposed time line for Scoot Airline for launching new entertainment services will be planned about 24 Weeks with the budget of $32,300. The detailed description is as follow:

Activities Time Line (In Weeks) Budget (In $)
Objectives 1
Market Analysis: Company Analysis Customer Analysis Competitor Analysis Market Analysis   2 2 2 2   4400 3400 5000 6000
Marketing Strategies 8 10200
Implementation 4 1800
Control 3 1500
Total 24 Weeks 32300


Conclusion From the above discussion marketing plan case study assignment help experts, it can be concluded that marketing plans helps the company to improve its marketing strategies and launch new products and services to the customers to achieve competitive advantage. Through this, company can also develop its understanding about the market situation and the effectiveness of strategies.

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