Marketing Slogan and Segmentation Assignment Help

Marketing Slogan and Segmentation Criteria Assignment Help In this marketing assignment help, you will learn What is the importance of marketing slogan for any organizations and also discussed the various segmentation criteria that would impact your target market selection and explained the 3 recommendations of how BevCo can improve beverage sales by marketing the new beverage.


“Wanting fun. Have Bevbon” Marketing slogan is quite important for the organizations to determine their success and positioning of a newly launched product. Marketing slogan is generally a punch line that is made to create appeal among the mass audience. While creating marketing slogan, it is important to see that the slogan is short and sweet.


It should be easily understood to the audience and sounds nice. At the same time, the slogan should always be made considering objective of the company. The slogan of “Wanting fun, Have Bevbon” is quite appealing and attractive. With this slogan, organization would be successfully able to explore the potentials of the market. In addition to this, slogan also accomplishes objectives of the company through creating huge base of customer for the company. As per the online marketing assignment help experts, the more the marketing slogan is famous among customers, the maximum is the possibility its products’ success.


Marketing Segmentation Criteria:  Size of target market Easy accessibility of target market Long-term existence of target market Potentiality of market As per segmentation criteria assignment help writer, There are several market segmentation criteria that may affect the selected target market for Bevbon. The target market of women, teenagers and people of age group 20-40 could only be successful if the size of these target market would be very high in compared to other market segments.


Adequate size of the target market is very important for the success of Bev on through providing it with good number of customers. Apart from this our online marketing segmentation criteria assignment help, easy accessibility to target market is also equally important to determine. It will ensure customers to avail the services of Bevbon and it could easily determine its success for organization. If the selected target market does not exist for long-term then there would be of no use for BevCo to launch its beverage. The potential available in the target market again affect the selection of target market. If the market selected is not capable to use such product, its’ better to look for other options.


Marketing sales improve recommendations by :


Recommendation for BevCO Price diversification Customer Satisfaction Product modification There are also several ways through which BevCo could increase the sales of its beverages. Price diversification is the most important way through which organization could provide effectiveness to its sales. BevCo should keep on diversifying the prices of its existing products and highlight it during the marketing of its new beverage.


Through diversified prices, it would be easy for the company to explore the market with all segments. In addition to this, customer satisfaction determined through the new product could also be used to increase the sales of existing products. Product modification is yet another way to increase the sales of the existing products. With the marketing strategy of new beverage, BevCo have developed very good knowledge of the customer’s need and requirement and through implementing these requirements with product modification, it could easily determine the increase in the sale of existing products.


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