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Trends in Information Technology Industry: The industry of information technology changes every day because of the innovative development of technologies and approaches of people to use IT tools. The current trends of information technology industry include scientific advancement as well as changes in demand of the customers. The use of internet in order to gather information on specific topic or task also develops the trends of the information technology industry. Development of technology also helps the industry to create a wide area of network and helps the people to develop their knowledge about the new trends in the market. One of the areas of information technology industry is also related to the increase in the use of mobile and tablets. This supports the people to collect the information at any time.

Impact of Trends on Microsoft’s Strategy: Trends in IT industry impact the strategy of Microsoft Company in both positive and negative manner. The new trends in information technology motivate company to modify the strategies that can help the company to compete in the market. Through the new trends, company also develop its knowledge about the needs and demand of the consumers and establish such products or software that fulfill all the needs and demands of the consumers in effective way. For example, the launch of Window 8 phone in the market received effective consideration from the customer. It is because this phone provides best experience to the customers about the apps and technology and it has also become proven as one of the innovative tools of IT.

Microsoft Strategic Intent: The strategic intent of Microsoft Corporation is to attract small-scale companies as a customer and sale products and services to them in an effective way. The Microsoft strategy also aims on the development of products and services according to the needs and demands of the customers that provide effective supports to them and satisfy their needs and wants from the products and services. The strategy of Microsoft also intent on achieving competitive advantages over the competitors and improve the industry that helps the people to improve the technology for increasing the standard of living of people an in an effective way.

On the other h,and our strategy management assignment help experts say that, the pricing and branding strategy of company aims on the development of company’s business in the world market. The pricing strategy helps the company to provide software and products at low costs to the people that increase the branding image of the company in the world market. Through the strategy, company provided various products and software such as Linux, Window, Dos, etc. that continuous helping people and organizations to improve their work efficiency as well as minimize the costs of operations in a significant manner. The main intent of Microsoft’s strategy is to attract small and medium size corporations towards the products and services and achieve high profits in the market.

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