Multiparty Negotiation Business Strategy Assignment Help

Multiparty Negotiation Assignment Help: Our business strategy assignment help says that multiparty negotiation is the process between more than two parties and it has done in order to make settlement of differences. Negotiation has been done to make the compromise or agreement to reach to the avoiding argument. It has been identified that multiparty negotiation is challenging to uncover and clarify interests, create and distribute values. Parties involved in the multiparty negotiation find themselves in the group decision making and do not able to clarify their interest. In the multiparty negotiation, people have diversity of interest, perspectives and interpersonal relationships. Therefore, it is difficult to make settlement in multiparty negotiation process.


Strategies to Manage Negotiation: In order to make the negotiation effective, parties should focus towards different strategies such as positive thinking, build value and maximize the outcome of negotiators. With the help of all these strategies, parties involved in the negotiation process will be able to make the negotiation more effective. Through positive thinking, parties involved will respect the ideas and opinions of the other parties. Moreover, as per business negotiation assignment help, it will also useful in developing the win-win approach. Apart from this, in multiparty negotiation, parties involved should make the decision as group and try to include the opinions of all the members in the negotiation process and maximize the outcome of negotiators.


Actions to Manage Negotiation: Within in the non-profit organization, director has to conduct the negotiation with prime donors and volunteer/special interest groups. Such type of negotiation has been done in order to settle the resourcing and completion schedule of community project so that it will be helpful in developing new park. Therefore as per assignment help, manager has to take different actions in order to make the negotiation more effective. Firstly, manager should identify the opinions of the parties involved in negotiation process. It can use the Delphi technique, so that negotiators will write their opinions until the manager will reach to the final decision. It has been identified that manager should also use the compromising approach so that every member will be satisfied with the final decision. In addition to this, prime donors and special interest groups will also make the strategies in such a way that it will be helpful in achieving the aims and objectives of the development of new park in effective manner. Building value is the best approach, through which parties involved will present thoughts and ideas in such a manner that others will see its value. Therefore, multiparty negotiation can be effective when; members involved will respect the each other ideas.


Process to Manager Problems: While doing the negotiation, managers have to face certain problems. So, in order to diffuse the problem, manager has to make the negotiation in the proper manner. In the above-mentioned scenario, prime donors and special interest group will face problem in identifying their share in the development of a park. Thus, in such a case manager should divide the share in the ratio of their capital investment. Apart from this, manager should adopt the process such as collect information, identify the problems, come up with alternatives, identify options, analyze the solution and select the appropriate action. This process will be helpful in solving the problems in every stage of the negotiation process (Roberts & Palmer, 2005).


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