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Respond to the following Newspaper Review Assignment Help:

•Review a newspaper (electronic or otherwise) and list at least three projects contained in the paper. Discuss what makes them projects from your perspective; support your answers.

•Select two of the projects you identified in the previous question and compare them. Speculate whether or not the two projects will be successful; providing your rationale. Discuss which one you think is best and why.

Following are three projects that are listed in the New York Times:

1. Does RIM’s Enterprise Plan Herald more Shrinkage?

2. Apple’s Chief puts a stamp on labor issues.

3. As Smartphone Become Health Aids, Ads May Follow The news about “does RIM’s Enterprise Plan Herald more Shrinkage?” is a project as through this, the Company wants to move away from the mass market and focuses its attention on customers, who use Blackberry for work.


The main idea behind this concentration is providing the service to the business and government customers i.e. enterprise market with adopting new technology.


Now, IT department supports most major smartphones that should be used by employees on their own choice. It is a very difficult task for RIM to persuade buyers for creating desirability of BlackBerry 10 phones as a corporate tool. So, Company is focusing on a particular segment to get success as a project. “Apple’s Chief puts the stamp on labor issues” this news can be considered as a project because it focuses on labor working conditions and compensation plan for them.


It emphasizes the views and steps of the new chief of Apple i.e. Mr. Cook regarding labor and environmental policy in the manufacturing department. The company has taken initiatives to prod its suppliers into making workplace improvements such as joining of the Fair Labor Association. It also adopted the policy of 60 hours work week at its supplier factories. Therefore, it is a project for the company to get more profit by focusing on the supply chain to avoid more serious violations of its supplier code of conduct.


As per our marketing assignment help experts The news about “As Smartphone Become Health Aids, Ads May Follow” is a project because it gives the idea about the new technology trend in smartphones, iPad and tablet users as health tracking tool. The smartphone can be used to search health information, disease symptoms and manage exercise and diet plan. This information is being used by the promotional department of related healthcare companies to invest more in online advertising effectively. Some companies are using surveys and social media channels to learn more about customers that use Smartphones. So, this is a project for the health companies to improve their online promotional strategy with the consideration of privacy concern of the customer.


Answer 2: Project of Apple is related with practices of human resources department with objectives of improving the quality of working conditions and developing innovative projects in the labor-related field. In other projects, nowadays, health companies are trying to get more attention of Smart phone’s users by adopting effective advertisement policies on the online network. Apple’s project is administrative project and project of health companies is research project. If companies execute their plan properly than, both projects may be successful. In case of Apple’s project, management of Company is very anxious about the conditions of the workforce. It is trying to provide better conditions and working environment to the labor.


Under the good leadership, Apple will be able to gain more profit by increasing productivity of the workforce. Success rate of research project of health companies can be high because people are using more advanced technology gadgets to gain health information now days. With the help of proper research of customers, Companies can be successful in their attempt by providing all the desired information in their promotion campaign. Between both of them, project of Apple may be proved best one because to create a work environment, where people enjoy what they do, feel like they have a purpose, have pride in what they do and can reach their potential. It can be surely stated that by executing positive steps towards maintaining good conditions for human capital will bring the prosperity for the company.


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