Online Interview Response Assignment Help

Online Interview Response Assignment Help

Introduction Different demographic factors such as age, gender, income and education have a significant influence on consumer buying behavior of online shopping. This HR interview response case study assignment help paper examines how age differences impact on online purchase decisions.

Interview Responses See exhibit 1 for the responses of consumers regarding online purchase.

Compare and Contrast of Interview Responses During the interview process it is identified that people between age groups of 18-25 years and 26-45 years, purchase software more of online as compared to books. It is because people in this age group excessively use computers, laptops, smart phones and other equipments, which increase their software requirements. On the other hand, people who are 46 years or above are more interested to purchase books online rather than software, as in this age, they prefer more readings in terms of social, religious, etc.

In responses of another question, it is found that individuals in age groups of 18-25 years and 26-45 years prefer to buy from websites and having products delivered in comparison of shopping at a bricks and mortar establishment. The main reason behind this preference is that as people in these groups are educational and professionals they have lack of time to make a better purchase decision with the use of traditional method (Richa, 2012). At the same time, online shopping enables them to compare and contrast price and quality for same products from different competitors’ stores in an effective and efficient way. Online purchasing provides several benefits to them such as easy access to company and product information, convenience, low price and original services (Zhou, Dai & Zhang, 2007). In contrary to this, people over 45 years prefer to buy from bricks and mortar establishment rather than from websites. The main argument for their choice is that due to relationship with local sellers and their experience regarding purchasing from traditional methods, it is more beneficial and safe for them to purchase from offline- sources. Additionally our hr case study help experts says that, from the interview responses, it is also identified that individuals of 46 years or above are agreed that they do a little of both online and offline shopping. It is analyzed that people of this age group prefer online purchase for making travel arrangements and reading materials including books and magazines (Statics Canada, 2009). At the same time, they prefer traditional methods of purchasing to buy consumable goods and necessity goods. On the other hand, 18-25 years old individuals are not agreed with the use of both methods for purchasing, as they think online purchasing is more convenience and cost effective for them (Richa, 2012).

While from the responses of 26-45 years old people, it is found that approx 80% individuals in this group only prefer online purchase method, but concurrently, 20% participants agree with the use of both methods. There are several implications of these responses for sellers. First, through this, they can increase company’s sales revenue because they can set marketing activities according to customer preferences of different age group in order to attract them for making purchase decisions. Secondly, it will also be helpful for them to enhance customer satisfaction rate and improve market share. Conclusion Therefore, our interview assignment help experts discussed that online purchase behavior of people in age group of 18-25 year is similar at some extent with individuals of 26-45 years, but it is totally different from over 45 years people. References Richa, D. (2012). Impact of Demographic factors of Consumers on Online Shopping Behaviour: A Study of Consumers in India. International Journal of Engineering and Management Science, 3(1), 43-52.   Statics Canada (2009). Online activities of Canadian boomers and seniors. Retrieved from   Zhou, L. Dai, L. & Zhang, D. (2007). Online shopping acceptance model:  a critical survey of consumer factors in online shopping. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 8(1), 41-62.     Appendix   Exhibit 1: Interview Responses

Questions 18-25 Years 26-45 Years 46 Years or above
Determine which product you purchase more of online: books or software Software Software Books
Do you prefer buying from Web sites and having products delivered Highly Influence Influence Low influence
Is shopping at a bricks and mortar establishment preferable? No Less More
Do you do a little of both: online shopping and bricks and mortar? No Some time Yes