Open A Coffee Shop Plan Assignment Help

Open A Coffee Shop Plan Assignment Help

Project Description The project that is undertaken is to open a coffee shop at the location near the schools and colleges in Australia and

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 USA. This coffee shop will be unique in nature from other available competitors as it will offer different flavours of coffee at reasonable price in the locality to attract the school and college goers. The coffee with different flavours at lower cost would be effective to attract the school and college students as they can spend time with their friends for gossiping at coffee shop. A wide range of coffee will be offered at coffee shop from espresso to latte blend by maintaining quality at reasonable price. The atmosphere of the coffee shop will also be quite entertaining and upscale, which will attract the customers towards coffee shop and facilitate growth for the planned business. The internal design of the coffee shop will be more focused to create a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. For serving the customers, a technical system with skilled and knowledgeable people will be used, which would cause an increase in the service efficiency. The coffee shop will be open 10AM to 10PM, 365 days a year (Burbach, 2005).

At the same time our business management plan assignment help experts said that for starting a coffee shop, the coffee shop will also offer the customers to make their own flavour to provide customized services and to get unique position within the industry. The customized products will be effective to attract the customers and will also enable the firm to know, which type of flavour is in demand among the customers. The firm would get expertise in the more demanded coffee flavours, which would be effective to increase customer base and loyalty. The opening of coffee shop will take several weeks to complete as project manager has to perform several tasks (Godsmark, Arduser & Brown, 2004). The coffee shop project will facilitate a coffee shop with best interior and exterior design at chic location with all facilities. All the legal requirements will also be complied under different laws to ensure the success of business in the industry. The budget and timeline for completion of the project will also be determined to complete the project effectively.

Project Team

For the coffee shop project, following team will be made:

Citing Names Designation e-mail addresses Telephone No.
XYZ Project manager xxxxxxxxxx
abc Sponsor xxxxxxxxxx
xyz Cashier xxxxxxxxxx
ABC Barista xxxxxxxxxx
Xyz Interior Designer xxxxxxxxxx
xyz Woodcarver xxxxxxxxxx

According to the coffee case study analysis assignment help experts, Team dynamics will be managed in a project environment by integrating the efforts of all team members effectively. For this, a project manager will be responsible to manage team dynamics. It is because he will define the nature of the team by selecting skilled staff, guiding them and resolving the issues and conflicts among them (Forsyth, 2009). It will increase the capacity of team to perform well. Team leadership can be instrumental in ensuring a successful project. It is crucial for the project manager to be an effective leader, who could set project objectives and align them with expectations of team members (Haynes, 2012). An effective leadership of manager will help to communicate information related to tasks and procedures to team members in order to work efficiently. He will be able to motivate them to bring out their maximum outputs in the completion of project. For this project, functional organizational structure will be appropriate because all departments in this project are interrelated to each other. On the basis of functional capability, all team members will be departmentalized. Team members will report to only project manager. This structure will help the manager to control all units effectively and to make decisions more quickly. Along with this, in this structure, manager will be able to monitor and supervise the performance of all team members efficiently (Daft, Murphy & Willmott, 2010). Team dynamics and performance can be pivotal in producing deliverables and meeting customers’ expectations. It is because effective team dynamics focuses on quality products and services that help to satisfy the customers’ needs and preferences. By understanding team roles and strengths, a project manager can deliver all requirements to the customers and fulfil all objectives of the project properly (Franz, 2012).

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