Operation Management Techniques in Customer Satisfaction

Operation Management Techniques Assignment Help: As per assignment helper, There are different operations management techniques like process reengineering and just in time that have been adopted by managers in an effort to attract customers with improved products. Process reengineering is the basic process of redesigning the business activities in better way. It helps the company to improve critical measures of performance. Different processes of the company are reengineered to get maximum output from operations. For instance, in CRM of a company,

it can be helpful to improve its level of customer responsiveness by reengineering its processes. In re-engineering, procurement process can be simplified by the managers to make available the needed resources effectively. Managers at all levels have important roles to play in a company’s effort to boost efficiency. Through process reengineering, they encourage efficiency improvements by emphasizing the need for continuous improvements. At operational level, it is ensured that different functional departments work together to find ways to increase efficiency of the company. With the help of continuous improvement or reengineering, mangers are capable to identify different opportunities for attracting customers with improved offerings on day to day basis. Just in time (JIT) process refers to a philosophy in which an organization concentrates on continuous improvement by identifying and removing non-value adding activities. An organization follows JIT for several reasons such as cost reduction, quality & performance improvement and delivery improvements. JIT helps the managers in better inventory management and also to minimize cost of products.

Use of JIT also helps the organization in developing better products and maintains the quality of various operational processes. The managers can use JIT principles in its operation to eliminate the poor quality within manufacturing and nonmanufacturing process. Additionally, by using JIT principles, the organization can produce the quantity of units that is needed no more, no less. Along with this, this technique helps to reduce manufacturing & administrative cycle times and all waste. It entails proper management of resources, so that these resources could be provided, when they are needed for production. Effective use of JIT requires close coordination between the supplier and the organizational buyer. Cost reduction through this technique has a significant impact on the performance of the company in terms of customer satisfaction. These techniques may be best utilized in many industries like automobile, food, retail, telecommunication and health care to make effective supply chain and make happy the customers by fulfilling their needs at right time. For example, Toyota, Nissan used JIT principle in manufacturing for development of organizational products through simultaneously engineering process.

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