Organisation Analysis Assignment Help On Coca-Cola

Organisation Analysis Assignment Help On Coca-Cola

Legal, Social, and Economic Environment of Coca-Cola assignment help Legal, social, and economic environment of an organization are actually external forces, which significantly impact its business operations. Similar is the case with Coca-Cola Company, which is one of the leading global players in the beverage industry. The company develops beverage bases and concentrates, which are then used in its bottling subsidiaries throughout the world for distribution.

For analyzing its environmental factors, PESTLE analysis can also be used. As per online assignment help experts, The legal, social, and economic environment in which Coca-Cola operate are as follows:


Legal Environment: The legal environment for Coca-Cola includes laws, groups of people and government agencies having a regulatory effect on organizations. A recently European commission, alert its member states to ban Coca-cola drinks, as 100 children in Belgium had poisoning due to bad carbon dioxide in its soft drinks (Organisation Analysis Assignment Help On Coca-Cola). Several others legal battle is also being faced by the company in some or other part of the world.


Social Environment: Coca-Cola is a global leader in the beverage industry, and operates in a competitive business environment. Its social environment involves changing attitudes and lifestyles of consumers. In present, the changing lifestyle of US population, have directed the company towards producing soft drinks having an aspect related to time management (Coca-Cola Project Management Assignment). As well, the company has also increased the production of bottled water and diet colas because of increasing health consciousness among consumers and a large number of people switching from beer consumption.


Economic Environment: The world economic crisis has directed towards a slowdown in the growth of several companies, and Coca-Cola is also among them. The company develops consumer products, and this is the reason it is highly sensitive to consumers’ disposable income (Coca-Cola Marketing Assignment Help). Due to the impact of the economy on consumer disposable income and their purchasing, the company management continuously considers trends to do planning.Managerial, Operational, and Financial Issues Assignment Help From the time of its origination, the company has focused on developing a culture in which people and brand are emphasized along with its core seven values that are leadership, passion, integrity, diversity, quality, collaboration, and accountability. Instead of developing an integrated culture, the company also faces some managerial, operational, and financial issues which are as follows by our marketing assignment help experts:


Managerial Issues: The Company operates in different parts of the world, which in turn makes it difficult to operate with a management style, as its managers have to make use of suitable management style to deal with local employees and staff. As well, its managers also find it difficult to deal with all employees with same management style, as some employees require to be managed by the participative approach, whereas some with democratic style (Coca-Cola Business Strategy Assignment Help). With evolving business environment and changing consumers’ attitude and lifestyle also make it difficult for company managers to operate effectively as from time-to-time, they are bound to change their approaches and strategies to manage effectively.


Operational Issues: In present Coca-Cola is battling with several legal cases related to the production of low-quality products with carbon-die-oxide. Most of the operational issues faced by the company are related to the quality of the products, which are the results of the employees’ negligence (Coca-Cola Human Resource Case Study Assignment Help). Most of the workers working in a plant are not trained and well-skilled and due to this, they are not able to understand the significance of maintaining accurate pressure and temperature.


Financial Issues: Throughout its expansion and serving more and more markets, the company also faces various financial issues like budget constraints, spending huge money on dealing with legal battles and claims against its products (Coca-Cola Structure Assignment Help). In addition, nowadays company is forced to spend huge money on marketing and maintaining and improving its products quality, which in turn also make it difficult to maintain company finances (Coca-Cola Advertising Plan Marketing Assignment Help).


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