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Exerting Control in an Organizational Setting In an organization, it is necessary for the management to control its different operations and activities. It is necessary to

set a mission statement that could communicate business objectives of the organization to its employees. As per the mission and objectives, different duties are assigned to the employees in order to fulfillment of goals of the company. As per assignment help experts, the methods for exerting control of these duties in an organizational setting are as follow:

Performance Standards: In order to achieve set objectives by the organization, there is need to establish certain standards for performance measurement. These standards are based on defined objectives of the organization. According to these set standards, employees perform their duties and try to give their best in order to achieve individual and organizational goals.

Performance Evaluation: It is another method to control the organizational setting by measuring the performance of the employees and trying to improve their performance through proper training and development programs. In this, performance of the employees is compared with the set standards of the performance that is needed to achieve the organizational objectives. It is conducted on a continuous basis after a particular period of time. Existence of any deviation in the performance of the employees leads to needing of performance improvement programs, by which any shortfall on performance can be fulfilled by the organization.

Organizational Structure: Different organizations use organization structure to control organizational setting in terms of work process and performance in their business operations. For this, it is essential to frame organizational structures in such a manner that it can help to meet their needs in effective manner. In order to create effective organization structure, it is crucial for the management to arrange the structure around various functions of the business such as, technology, finance, marketing, HR, etc. In this structure, companies are more able to use their resources and control these operational activities efficiently.

Leadership Style: Different leadership styles are used by the managers to control their organizations in a best way. For example, in authoritarian leadership style, managers make own decisions and implement on their subordinates. It can be beneficial for controlling new projects and tasks, where no standards and guidelines have been previously determined. On the other side, in affiliate style of leadership, managers focus on teamwork among employees to control organizational setting. This style can be more useful in controlling the introduction of new products in the market.

Conclusion: On the basis of above discussion by business assignment help experts, it can be concluded that organizational effectiveness imparts a major role in achieving goals and objectives of the company. In addition, different theories of organizational effectiveness like motivational and leadership theories can be useful to manage criminal justice personnel. Some methods such as performance evaluation, organizational structure are used to exert control in an organizational setting.

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