Organizational Culture and Diversity Assignment Help

Organizational Culture and Diversity Assignment Help Influence of Culture and Diversity

Organizational culture and diversity influence transformational leadership in a significant way. Culture is composed of values, beliefs, assumptions and traditions followed in an organization by individuals. If the culture is change oriented, it influences transformational leadership role positively, as these types of leaders are change oriented. In other

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words, if the change is preferred in the culture, it acts as a supporter for the tasks of transformational leaders that help them to achieve short term and long term goals. Similarly, if open communication is followed in the culture, it assists the leader to motivate employees to express their opinions and views. In change oriented culture, transformational leaders act as a change agent by challenging old patterns and adopting initiatives. Diversity in organization also influences the role of transformational leaders. Like, transformational leaders use diversity to improve their workgroup functioning in the organization by ensuring that diversity is a valuable thing among the team members. As a result of this, team members develop a positive perception about diversity. To manage diversity in teams, leaders also become diversity manager and use diversity training and HR programs that are aimed to manage perceptions of diversity. In a diverse organization, transformational leader act as an information elaborator for their teams to ensure their understanding of diversity. Along with this, transformational leaders also adopt strategies to increase the degree to which the team members are identified with their teams. In contrast, if diversity is not managed by these leaders, it leads to poor performance and functioning of teams. Looking for best and original University and high school assignment help then contact us at