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Applied Intervention Assignment Help OD Intervention for group-focused techniques: Organizational development is an effort of planned intervention of the top management to increase the effectiveness and health of the organization using behavioral science knowledge (George & Jones, 2005). The development of the organization depends on the change made by the management through different interventions. Further, organizational development is basically a long range program attempting to change the behavioral attitudes and performance of the total organization through varieties of intervention strategies (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011).

As per organizational behavior case study assignment help experts, Organizational development interventions would help the organization to earn the commitment towards the change. The intervention strategies are regarded as the procedural methods adopted for successful implementation of the change strategy. OD intervention of team building is the most effective technique to focus on group performance in an organization. With the help of this, it is possible to enhance the productivity of the team and to eliminate all the problems that the team faces such as cultural issue, technological issues, etc. Development on the performance of team and its productivity is directly related to the organizational development (Anderson, 2000). This OD intervention also facilitates the firm to manage an environment of change adaption and change transition.

Individual-focused techniques for OD intervention: Techno-structural intervention will be more suitable as individual focused technique. This will be helpful for individuals to adapt latest technologies and ensure their personal and organizational development (Nelson & Quick, 2007). This intervention is also beneficial for individual development as per different fields such as engineer, labor, and psychology of individual and sociology basis, etc. This intervention enables the individuals to learn about different technologies, which ultimately affects the social and economical performances of the firm.

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