Performance Appraisal of Human Resource Assignment Help

Performance Appraisal Assignment Help: 

Performance appraisal is the process of assessing performance and progress of the employee for developing his potential and future growth of the company. It is a method to evaluate personalities, involvements and potentials of the employees on their job. At the same time, it is a systematic and periodic rating system of an employee’s excellence in order to analyze his/her present job and his/her potential for a better career.

Use of Performance Data and Information: The performance data and information is useful for mainly HR area in decision making of selection and retention of skillful employees for a long period of time in the organization and motivates them for better performance. This information helps to take decisions related to identification of need for further recruitment and selection of suitable candidate. It is also beneficial in delegating different duties and responsibilities by the managers to their employees according to their potential and skills. In addition, through this data and information, feedback on employees’ performance is given that help HR department to conduct training and development programs in order to fill skill gap and improve their potential and talent.

This data and information is also used in legal decision making to provide protection to the company lawfully against any misconduct or under performance. It also assists in making decision associated to formulation of compensation plan for the employees according to their performance. Performance data also helps in making decisions in other areas such as marketing, financial, production, etc. as it assists in identifying different skill gaps related to these areas. On the basis of this data, different performance improving programs and seminars can be conducted by the company in order to make employees more adoptive as per the changes. In these areas, management can identify the problem areas and take corrective actions accordingly.

Issues in Measuring and Rating Employee Performance: There are different issues that employers face in measuring and rating employee performance. Major issue faced by employers is to manage and develop the employees for global market while conducting the performance appraisal. In this concern, due to emerging globalization, diversified workforce has been adopted by the organization. It is necessary for employers to measure the performance of their employees as per the conditions of international market. Therefore, there is requirement of including different aspects and factors in measuring and rating employee performance.

Apart from this our HRM assignment help experts says that, in performance appraisal technique, there may be possibility of occurrence of some errors such as stereotyping, leniency, personal bias, halo effect, etc. that do not provide a proper view to analyze the performance of employees. These errors are raised due to previous impression, focusing on a particular trait, tendency to be lenient, etc. that affects the process of measuring and rating employee performance. There may be another issue related to lack of reliability because of inconsistent execution of measuring standards and lack of training in appraisal techniques. Additionally, it is also difficult for the employers to decide the basis for the performance appraisal because it includes different factors such as results, traits, behaviour, etc. that can affect the performance appraisal of the employees.

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