Performance Management Impact by Management Experts

Impact of Performance Management Performance management has a significant impact on employees and organization because both are influenced by this. The impact of performance management on employees and organization are discussed below by our experienced assignment writing help experts of US and Australia –


Impact on Employees: The performance management does not have direct impact on the performances of employees, but it plays an important role in the performance of employees when they perform in some group or team activity. Due to performance management activities, employees have a clear understanding of the organization’s expectations and job success factors. Performance management can enhance motivation and productivity of employees by providing compensation or rewards on the basis of their performance. Along with this, it directs the attention of employees towards the organizational goals as well as most important tasks and behavior.


Impact on Organization: Similarly, performance management system has significant impact on the organization, because it directly influences financial performance, productivity, product quality, customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction.


It can help an organization to meet its strategic or corporate objectives by facilitating strategic planning and changes within the organization. Additionally, improvement in organizational performance and effectiveness, productivity, operational efficiency and organizational culture are some of the main impacts of performance management practices on an organization.At the same time, it also plays an important role in organizational success by making differences in organizational performance and approaches to manage employees.


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