Positioning and Brand Loyalty Marketing Assignment Help

Introduction: Brand loyalty refers to the commitment of consumers about purchasing of a particular product over time. Brand loyalty

also helps the company to motivate consumers to repeat their purchases and sustain consumers in the market. This paper identifies some sports products, which have the high degree of brand loyalty. This assignment help paper also discusses the positioning of these products. In the end, this paper also presents some recommendations to make better positioning of these products in the market.

Sports Products that have High Degree of Brand Loyalty: In today’s environment, sports are gaining popularity and the demand for sports-related products are also increasing. It is because sports products are influenced by the sports that help in increasing the demand in the market. There are various and different sports products that have a high degree of brand loyalty. These products include energy drinks, shoes and sportswear, etc. that have high level of customer loyalty. Most of the consumer’s purchase products according to the preferences and interests such as many customers have interest in cricket, they purchase cricket products, many shown the interest in Tennis and they are loyal towards the Tennis products. Most of the time our online marketing assignment help experts say that these products are endorsed by favorite sports persons that helps the companies to attract more customers in the market and motivate them to make loyal customers that the celebrity or sports people have. Marketing of these products also plays an important role in increasing the brand loyalty of consumers towards the sports products in the market.

Companies make effective marketing and advertising campaigns that influence the mind of consumers that make them brand loyal in the market of these products. Most of the teenagers uses sports products for their personal growth and popularity of sports and games also help the companies to make loyal customers of products and increase the brand loyalty in the market. Personal testimony also plays an important role in increasing the brand loyalty towards the sports products. Product performance also plays an important role in increasing the brand loyalty in the market. Most of the consumers motivate through the performance in the market of sport product and make loyal customers. Through the endorsements, companies also manipulate the mind of customers and motivate them to adopt the products and services as a status symbol. It helps the companies to increase the brand loyalty in the market. High level of trust on these products also increases the brand loyalty of consumers. Most of the sports products are coming in the leisure product segment that helps the consumers to receive best quality products. It also makes causes of high loyalty of sports products in the market.

Positioning of These Products: In the market there are different countries that deal in sports products such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma, etc. These companies have different positioning strategies that help them to influence different age group customers. In the market, Nike crafting the shoes for cricket and tennis, on the other hand, the main focus of Adidas is to produce shoes specifically for soccer and running. These two companies are major sports shoes producers in the world and targeted different age group people according to the products and services. On the websites, these companies make effective positioning of products. On the website of Nike, company provides the information about different sports shoes such as Foot ball, Basket ball, Soccer and running, etc.

Company also provides the detail of online stores to purchase online products and services. It helps the company to attract more customers towards the products. On the other hand, on the website of Adidas, company creates effective positioning does not only for shoes but also cloths that are related to the different sports. On the website of Adidas, company also provides the information about new style, catalogue related to the shoes and cloths, services, etc. that support the customers to identify right goods and services in less time. On the site of Adidas, consumer can also identify the women’s sportswear that is endorsing by famous celebrity Stella Mccartney. It helps the company to attract women to make them loyal customers.

Recommendation: In order to make effective positioning of these products, managers can put some extra efforts to make more effective websites that attract customers to purchase products and make loyal towards the products and services that are offered by the sports products companies. In order to make different positioning of these products, Nike should need to add more information about the different products and services on the websites. In this, a company can provide some information about shoes and its features. The company can also provide information related to the clothes of man and women. It can be helpful for the company to attract customers in the market. Company should also provide information related to the kids wear. It can be helpful in influencing the mind of children and make them loyal customers. On the other hand, on the websites, Adidas should include some advertisements related to the products. Company should also launch digital training website that can be made an effective position of the company as well as products. It can also be helpful for the company to influence customers towards the products.

Conclusion: From the above discussion by marketing assignment help experts, it can be concluded that in the market there are several companies that deal in the sports products. Trust upon the quality and endorsement by famous celebrity helps the companies to increase the brand loyalty of the consumer towards the products. Companies provide different information on their websites to attract customers. For effective positioning, companies need to provide additional information and services to the customers

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