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Power and Political Behavior Assignment Help Power and Political Behavior

Power denotes as a measure of a person’s ability to control the environment and related people. In other words, power can be understand by once influencing ability over another. In terms of organizational behavior, power denotes to effective leader with the ability to use power at right time and at right place (Murray, Poole & Jones, 2006).


A Powerful Person: On the basis of such description of power, Tim Cook is a powerful person, who takes Apple Inc. at another level. Tim Cook is famous for his effective leadership quality to manage such a big organization among the world. A person can become a powerful person only when, there are many supportive entities to support his/her skill, knowledge & ability. Due to Apple’s geographic and functional structure Tim Cook manages all work quite effectively (Apple Inc., 2013.). At the same time, the position of Tim Cook can be another factor to increase the power to influence employees in positive manner. Along with such supportive entities, one can become powerful with the effective and suitable leadership style. With the entry of Tim Cook in Apple, the leadership style was changed from transformational to participative. With the innovation of participative leadership style, Tim Cook made many innovations that profited people, employees and organization. Through such intelligent step, he spreads his powerful image among employees as well as in market (Markowitz, 2012). Overall, the power of a person can not only develop by the person but build by organization as well. You can also get organizational behavior case study assignment help from our experts.


Best Management Approach to Empower Employees: Employee empowerment is a concept in which employees is allowed to work and take own decisions in some specific situation. In this concept, employee can have the right in the range from offering suggestions to exercise veto power according to the employer decisions. In effective management technique, employee empowerment plays quite significant role. The approach to empower employees may differ on the basis of leader and organizational behavior. With the assessment of today’s workplace behavior and competitive market trend, relational approach can be more suitable than others. This relational approach of empowerment consist the decentralization of power among organization (Koslowsky & Krausz, 2002). As per the approach demands, employees are free to give suggestion and take decision for achieving the organizational objectives. With such allocation of power, employees automatically get inspired to choose best way to attain goal by innovative strategies. Largely, relational approach influence employees with long-term benefits but motivational approach can only be valid for some time period. As, people like one of reward or benefit for some time and after some time they want something else. But, power is a long-term aspect that satisfies employees till the completion of job (Bettley, Mayle & Tantoush, 2005). Delegation of power by leader to employees does not mean that leader doesn’t have power to change the role at the time of negative use of employees. Overall, above discussion derives quite strong image of power among organizational effective management. Also, the ethical use of power is the most necessary aspect to being a powerful person.   References Apple Inc. (2013.) Tim Cook. Retrieved from http://www.apple.com/pr/bios/tim-cook.html Bettley, A., Mayle, D. & Tantoush, T. (2005). Operations Management: A Strategic Approach. SAGE. Koslowsky, M. & Krausz, M. (2002). Voluntary Employee Withdrawal and Inattendance: A Current Perspective. Springer. Markowitz, E. (2012). 5 Essential Leadership Lessons From Tim Cook. Retrieved from http://www.inc.com/eric-markowitz/tim-cooks-message-for-ceos-admit-when-youre-wrong.html Murray, P., Poole, D. & Jones, G. (2006). Contemporary Issues in Management and Organisational Behaviour. Cengage Learning Australia. Williams, C. (2011). Effective Management: A Multimedia Approach. USA: Cengage Learning. Get 100% original and quality business assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get authentic content assignment help from our experienced assignment writers of US,UK and Australia.