Push Channel & Pull Channel Strategy Assignment Help

Marketing Channel Strategies Assignment Help As per marketing assignment help experts there are two types of marketing channel strategies such as push marketing strategy and pull marketing strategy. The concept of both channel strategies is discussed by experienced marketing assignment experts of assignmenthelpexperts.com below –


Push Channel Strategy Assignment Help: It is a promotional strategy that uses by the marketing channels to push a product or service in the market through the sales channel. The main examples of push channel strategy are travel incentive programs, merchandise programs, trade show promotion, direct selling to customers, direct mail campaigns etc.


Pull Channel Strategy Assignment Help: This strategy involves motivation of customers to seek out their brand in an active process. It requires a highly visible brand that can be developed through mass media advertising and other similar tactics. Advertising and mass media promotion, customer relationship management (CRM), sales promotion and discounts, and mouth publicity are some of the examples of pull tactics.


Use of Pull and Push Channel Strategy:  An effective promotional effort includes use of both types of channel strategies. For example, by our online marketing help experts, Proctor & Gamble (P&G) would use both these strategies to promote their products through direct mail, advertising, coupons in local newspapers, trade promotion, discounts offers, and making interaction with customers.


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