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Retail Management Assignment Help Utilization of Technology in Retail Environment Technology contributes into the improvement of areas in supply chain management, inventory management, customer experiences and loss prevention in retail industry. Wireless information technology allows communication between people and retail stores or trading partners without cables. Retail industry uses information technology to interact with suppliers and customers and fulfill the demand of them in less time and cost. Electronic technology is used in retail industry for transfer of funds between terminals. It also uses electronic technology for cash registers and for adding transaction machines. Credit card user customers’ amount is transferred directly in the account of Retail Company through the electronic technology. Management of in-store inventory in the retail space and the warehouse is a major area of expense for retail industry. Electronic technology and computer system is used by retail environment to control inventory and manage supply chain. Computer system records the availability of stock in the retail space and warehouse. Computer systems are utilized in retail environment for keeping and managing business and financial records. Retail companies keep the employment records of all their workers in databases through utilizing computer programs. Similar programs and database are recorded with the uses of IT and computer systems in business function of retail environment such as billing the customers, tracking and making payment receipts, suppliers’ needs, items produced, sold products, stored, and shipped items.


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Impact of Technology in Retail Business Technology can impact the retail business positively through improving operational efficiencies, data integrity, and profitability. It provides a competitive advantage for retail business. Retailing is a technology intensive industry. Technology increases store effectiveness through recorded operations in a structured and systematic manner that provides detailed analysis of sales and volume of transactions in store. Electronic transactions can increase the volume of sales in retail stores by increasing the customer services and delivery. Electronic technology provides flexibility to customers in the mode of payments and cashless transactions that helps to increase sales in retail business. Security systems provide safer shopping for retailers as well as customers, which provides them mental relief and contributes to increase sales of the business. Mobile computing technology and business to customer concept helps retailers to cut cost and increase efficiency. Effective communication system attracts customers and maintains competitive advantage for the firm. Technology can improve data integrity that helps retailers to predict demand and business position. It also reduces inventory and paperwork in retail store and consequently operational cost. IT and telecommunication infrastructure of business can improve productivity and cost saving through an accurate supply chain and better inventory management. Use of electronic communication such as e-marketing could be cost-effective to attract the customers. With the uses of internet, retail business creates awareness among the customers that contributes in increasing sales. Internet technology has extended to home shopping, direct mails and telemarketing that impact on retail business. Such technological advancement can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of retail business. How to get Retail Management Assignment Help with is the place where students can get business assignment writing help and case study help services from qualified assignment writers.We also ensure you that you will get 100% original best buy assignment help services. Students who need any topic academic assignment help can touch with our 24X7live support system or can send e-mail at