Role of Business in the Economy by Assignment help

Role of Business in the Economy by Assignment help Role of Business in the Economy Business plays significant and important role in the growth of an economy. Small businesses are vital in today’s

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economy, because many of the revenue obtained by the government are from business taxes. For instance, a country’s economy depends upon the employment provided by big and small businesses. Apart from this business assignment help experts explain that businesses pay taxes to the government and allow the government to function on the tax collected from them. Hence, business is the pivotal part of economy.

In addition, business contributes to the society by selling their products to customers that people need. Additionally, business also provides employment opportunities to people and reduce the unemployment rate of a particular country. Business also plays a virtual role in the GDP. For instance, according to Dr. Chad Moutray (Chief Economist of the Office of Advocacy), small and large business drives the American economy. It is because; business creates the jobs to the people and increases the standard of living.

For instance, in the American economy, small businesses create 60 to 80 percent of the net new jobs and also create more than half of the private non-farm gross domestic product. Additionally our economics assignment help tutor said that, in America, business makes up 97 percent of exporters and produces 29 percent of all export value. Hence, it is stated that business plays several important role in an economy. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at