Safety Management Case Study Assignment help

Safety Management Case Study Assignment help Fire Department Introduction

Citizen Police Academy and Citizen Fire Academy has been established in order to provide information and knowledge to the people about the health and safety measures. With the help of this academy, authorities will be able to respond effectively to the problems within the city or state. In this health and safety department case study help paper, role and responsibilities of the organizations in order to respond to disasters and emergencies has been identified. Along with this, organizational chart describing the roles of managers in responding to the chemical spill in the city has also been discussed in this paper.

Roles and Responsibilities of Organization Organizations have to adopt different strategies in order to respond effectively to the emergency and disaster in the city. Organizations should adopt the Emergency Management Program within its internal structure. Emergency Management Program involves preparation of strategies in order to respond and recover from the disaster and emergency. Organizations also have to develop the safety management, so that employees will respond effectively to the disaster and other problems (Conser, Paynich & Gingerich, 2011). Further, managers should also conduct training and development program in order to generate awareness among members about their safety. In addition to this our experts of assignment help says that, organizations should also analyze the type of hazards and accordingly, managers should adopt different strategies to overcome these problems. Respond activities include life-saving, minimizing damage to infrastructure and caring for people needs. Organizations have to focus towards all these activities and make efforts to save the life of the people. Emergency Operations Plan should also be included in the organization effort of disaster management. This program includes operations, training, and exercising and post response activities. It has been identified that every member in the organizations is responsible for the management of disasters and emergency.

Handling Chemical Spill in the City Chemical Spill within the city will create problems for the population. It will create harm to the health of people within the city. Chemical spill will affect the lungs, heart and other parts of people. Managers in the organizations have to plays an important role in avoiding the chemical spill in the city (Porter, 2010).                       It has been identified that managers have to formulate the health and safety department within the organization structure. Department manager will take different steps in order to protect the emission of chemical spill in the city. Manager will put the alarm activator, so that whenever spill will come, alarm will start and employees will aware about the emergency problems (Sciarra, Dorsey & Lynch, 2010). In addition to this, they will also take safety measures at the initial stage of the problem. At the same time, manager should also call public safety, if they do not have proper safety measure within the company. Public safety will be helpful in overcoming with the problem of chemical spill effectively. Department manager should also provide information to the employees about the type of chemical spill, size of spill and possible exposures (Spallone, 2012). This action will also be helpful in addressing the issues in an effective manner. Further, employees will also develop different ideas and strategies in order to overcome with the emergency problems. Further, each manager in the company should take necessary actions in order to protect their own life. It is identified that managers should also provide adequate resources in order to address the issues in an effective manner. Evacuate the area until all clear indication is given by appropriate authorities. It is analyzed that employees within the company should not leave the safe place until the authorities are able to handle the chemical spill within the city. Thus, it has been identified that managers plays an important role in responding effectively to the chemical spill. There are other types of disasters and emergencies are present in the city and organizations (McKenzie, Pinger & Kotecki, 2011). Some other disasters and emergencies are fire, severe weather, and medical emergency and armed intruder. Organizations have to include provisions for all these emergencies in its safety and health management program. Affected people should wait until they will get positive response to from the authorities. It has been identified that all these emergencies are found in almost every city, state and country. Therefore, due to the rapid changing market conditions, organizations have to adopt different strategies and policies in order to provide safety to the people. Development of health and safety program is the best method of addressing the emergencies and disasters within the city, state and country. Conclusion From the above discussion by our business strategy assignment help tutors concluded that organizations should develop emergency management program in order to respond to disasters and emergencies within the city. In addition to this, managers also play an important role in handling the chemical spills within the city. Public call safety, fire alarm activator and information about the type of chemical are the different strategies that managers should adopt for the safety of people.   References Conser, J.W., Paynich, R. & Gingerich, T.E. (2011). Law Enforcement in the United States. USA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. McKenzie, J., Pinger, R. & Kotecki, J.E. (2011). An Introduction to Community Health. USA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Porter, W. (2010). Preplanning for EMS. USA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Sciarra, D.J., Dorsey, A.G. & Lynch, E.M. (2010). Developing and Administering a Child Care and Education Program. USA: Cengage Learning. Spallone, J. (2012). Deadly Choices. USA: Untreed Reads.