Scope Statement Assignment Help On Opening of Coffee Shop

Scope Statement Assignment Help On Opening of Coffee Shop

In the project, project scope statement is critical for the project manager.

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 It is because project scope statement provides all the detailed information about project description, product user acceptance criteria and the project deliverables. On the other hand, it is also helpful to provide other scope related information such as project boundaries, constrains and assumptions in effective way (Schwalbe, 2010). As per project management assignment help experts, the scope statement is as follow:

Project Title: Opening of Coffee Shop Date: 22/06/2016                                                     Prepared By: XYZ (Project Manager)
Project Budget: An estimated project budget is $500,000
Scope and Acceptance: This project has wider scope for 3Star in order to provide best coffee experience to the customers. The opening of coffee shop will be helpful for the company to attract more people towards the coffee that will support in increasing the demand of coffee in the region. In addition, this project will also be helpful for 3Star coffee shop to provide pure and improved coffee taste to the customers.
Project Objectives: The main objective of this project are as follow: Ø  To establish coffee shop building. Ø  To facilitate the interior and exterior of coffee shop. Ø  To provide region’s best coffee to customers. Ø  To change the taste and preference of customers Ø  To provide customized coffee flavors Ø   To improve the quality of services in coffee serving
Project Constrains: The main project constrains are as follow: Ø  Cost Ø  Schedule Ø  Risk Factors Ø  Available Technology Ø  Financial Resources
Project Assumptions: Ø  It is assumed that 3Star coffee shop has enough financial resources to finance the project of building coffee shop. Ø  It is assumed that the project team will deliver the project on schedule. Ø  The needed resources will be available easily during the project. Ø  The project will be accomplished within the given time frame i.e. 6 months. Ø  The risks will not affect the process of project. Ø  Project team will follow pre-determine change control system in order to make changes in project.
Project Limits: Ø  Limitation to complete project within the time limit of 6 month. Ø  During project life cycle, changes in scope statement may also limit the project. Ø  Responsibility of owner to create effective maintenance of coffee shop.

Reasonability of Proposed Budget In the scope statement, the proposed budget is appropriate that is $500,000. It is because in order to build coffee shop, the budget of $500,000 will be enough. To build the coffee shop, through this budget, project team will be able to hire and purchase appropriate resources that will be needed to accomplish the project in effective way. The allocated budget is also appropriate because in this budget, project team will also be able to establish building, its interiors and exteriors and other materials effectively. The allocated budget is also appropriate in order to achieve project objectives in effective way. Through this budget, project team will be able to provide region’s best coffee taste to the customers by building coffee shop. The budget is also helpful in creating effective services that attract the customers towards 3Star coffee shop. Reference Schwalbe, K. (2010). Information Technology Project Management. USA: Cengage Learning. Get Project management plan assignment help and business strategy assignment help services from Australia and US by experienced experts. We assure you that you will get perfect and complete business plan assignment help services from our experts