SITXWHS003 Assignment Help

SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices

Assessment 1 – Practical Demonstration

Cookery Assignment Help
Cookery Assignment Help

Training Session Plan Template

Coach name:  
Learner name:  
Need for training: e.g.: Chicken Kiev going out not cooked through



Goals of the training program: To ensure Kiev’s are cooked through correctly



Facilitation techniques to be used:


Structure Learning activities to be undertaken
Introduction to session  




Final Meeting and coaching session





Tools and equipment needed:  



Methods to be used:


Assessment 2 – Risk Assessment


Use this template to complete the assessment

  Workplace Inspection Checklist  
  Item Yes No N/A
1 Fire      
  – Extinguishers are in place      
  – Are clearly marked      
  – Have been serviced in the past 6 months      
  – Area around extinguisher is clear for a 1-meter radius      
  – Fire exit signs are in working order      
  – Exit doors are not blocked      
  – Exit doors can easily be opened      
  – Fire alarm is in working order      
  – Emergency plan is displayed      
  – Emergency drill carried out within the last 6 months      
2 Electrical      
  – No broken plugs, sockets or switches      
  – No frayed or damaged leads      
  – Portable power tools in good condition      
  – No temporary leads on the floor      
  – Testing and tagging of electrical items has been attended within the last 12 months      
3 General Lighting      
  – There is adequate illumination in working areas      
  – There is good natural lighting      
  – There is no direct or reflected glare      
  – Light fittings are in good working condition and are clean      
  – Emergency lighting is operational      
4 Walkways      
  – No oil or grease      
  – Walkways are clearly marked      
  – Walkways are clear of obstructions      
  – There is unobstructed vision at intersections      
  – Stairs not blocked and are in good condition      
5 Rubbish      
  – Bins are located at suitable points      
  – Bins are not overflowing      
  – Bins are emptied regularly      
6 Work Benches      
  – Clear of rubbish      
  – Tools are stored properly      
  – Adequate work height      
  – No sharp edges      
7 Storage      
  – Materials stored in racks in a safe manner      
  – Pallets are in good condition (no broken wood)      
  – Floor around racking is clear of rubbish or obstacles      
  – Racking is in good condition, no damaged uprights, beams etc.      
8 Chemicals      
  – SDS for all chemicals      
  – SDS Register is available and up to date      
  – Containers are clearly and accurately labelled      
  – All chemicals are stored in accordance with the SDS      
9 First Aid      
  – First aid kits and contents clean and orderly      
  – First aid kit is adequately stocked (as per the Schedule in the kit)      
  – Easy access to first aid kits      
  – All employees are aware of location of first aid kits      
  – At least one worker on site with current Senior First Aid cert      
10 Floors      
  – Even surface with no large cracks, holes or trip hazards      
  – Floors are not obstructed      
  – Floors are free from grease, oil, etc.      
11 Office      
  – No exposed leads      
  – Air conditioning working adequately      
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