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Strategic Planning Initiatives Assignment Help: Strategic Planning Initiatives are helpful in improving the overall structure of the organization. Strategic Planning Initiative of Wal-Mart has put enormous impact on the financial planning. Company has focused towards improving its pricing strategy in order to provide low prices products to the customers. Pricing strategy of Wal-Mart has made sound position and company has become market leader in United States and other countries. It is analyzed that strategic planning initiatives of Wal-Mart has put an effect on its prices and sales. Wal-Mart has also done sector expansion initiative in order to capture the large part of market share.

Our Business Strategy Assignment Help says that Company has opened new stores, expanded their existing business and changed the locations of their lower-performing stores. Strategic planning initiative of Wal-Mart has made tremendous improvement in its sales. Company has increased its sales by 9 percent in the year 2009 in comparison to its previous year. Further, it has also improved its annual sales by $30 billion. Therefore, it is analyzed that company has made different strategic planning initiative in order to achieve the aims and objectives efficiently. It has showed that there strategic planning initiative has affected their financial planning. In addition, it has also identified that organizations have to face business risk that come along with their initiatives. Moreover our assignment help experts analysis that, Wal-Mart has undergone through various financial impacts within their business operation. It is analyzed that organization has faced negative impact through the strategic planning initiative. Thus, company should make proper planning before implementing the strategic planning initiative.

Strategic Planning Initiatives of Starbucks: At the same time, Starbucks has also focused towards the strategic planning initiative. As per the annual report of company, Starbucks cooperation has strived to improve the commitment of upholding and achieving the mission and goals in an effective manner. Apart from this, it is also identified that Starbucks strategic planning has ensured high quality products, healthy and positive store environment and ethical treatment of partners and customers. This strategic initiative has reward the organization with the continued success, which in turn is helpful in providing happy and healthy environment to the shareholders. Starbucks has also outlined initiatives in order to earn trust and respect through the ethical sourcing from the customers. Its new initiatives have transformed the customer experience with Starbucks.

Company has focused towards improving its current state of business in US market, improving its emotional attachment with customers and making foundational changes for the long term . Company has made complete reinvention of brewed coffee in-store and connects the customers to the early days of Starbucks. In addition to this, company has also introduced new state of the art espresso system, which will provide perfect shot for every time and connect the customers with barista. Further, company has provided new benefits in Starbucks Card Reward program to the customers. Company has also expanded its relationship with Conservation International that has enhanced its relationship with customers and businesses outside the country. Company has improved its customer relationship. Therefore, it is analyzed that Starbucks has made improvement in its overall organization structure through its strategic planning initiative.

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