How student know that this college degree is not fake

Many a times when looking for a renowned university over Google, we across websites that are created with a similar domain name as that of a famous university. In the name of dubious accreditations a number of universities exist on the internet that lure students into providing easy degrees and diplomas. Despite governmental efforts on banning such sites there are still many who are deceiving students. They promise students to provide genuine masters, PhDs, diplomas at very low prices. Once a person deposits money into their account, a fake certificate is sent to his address. Sometimes this fake degree will let you get a job but many a times when the companies do the background check, the fraud is revealed and brings nothing but insult and shame. Here we are providing some important checks that will help you ascertain the authenticity of a college degree.

Address– fake diploma mills make sure to put up a real address on the website, in order to verify the address always use Google street view. When you seek its help these fake university addresses will display a coffee shop or a mall.

Seal and Signature– a genuine university degree always bears an embossed seal of the university along with a hand signature of management member. Absence of any of these two is a clear indication of the fakeness of your degree. The nature of signature also gives you an apparent idea if examined closely. A real hand signature always ends in a trail, therefore scrutinize your certificate closely.

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Spelling Errors– this is a very easy method to identify the genuineness. Fake degree mills often commit silly spelling errors. If you are not perfect in the language of the awarded degree, run the soft copy on an online spellchecker and the result will be right before your eyes.