Supply Chain Assignment Help On Product Vendor Examination

Supply Chain Assignment Help On Product Vendor Examination

 Introduction In order to ensure the success of a product in the market, it is necessary that companies select proper vendors for the regular supply of that particular product, so that they can provide products to customers any time.

This supply chain business assignment help paper discusses the factors needed to be considered by the company in the selection of a vendor for the product Custom manufactured sweaters. This paper also describes some possible alternative vendors for the product and explains the characteristics that will make these vendors an acceptable substitute. Vendor Selection Criteria Selection of appropriate vendors is important because it is necessary that the fashion merchandise will be delivered on time, as, if the sweaters are not in the store on time, customers can go to another store for purchase.

Further, it could results in loss of customers and profits for the company. For custom manufactured sweaters, company uses different criteria such as value for money, lead time, experience, partnership approach, customers’ references and commitment to community to select an appropriate vendor. Description related to these factors is as below: Value for Money: Company uses value for money factor to select a suitable vendor. Under this factor, company analyzes the quality programs initiated by the supplier. At the same time, the price charged by the each supplier is also analyzed (University of Phoenix, 2011). It is one of the most important criteria for the company among other criteria. It is because by considering this factor company can select a vendor, who will supply quality product at lower cost. Thus, it will help the company to reduce the cost of production and sale the quality products at lower cost. Further, it will help the company to create a good brand image for custom manufactured sweaters in the market. Lead time: Lead time is another factor that company uses to select the vendor for the custom manufactured sweaters. It is related with the amount of time between the placing of an order with a supplier and the receipts of the goods ordered (Dolgui & Proth, 2010). Under this factor, company prefers those vendors, who are able to supply products in a less time period in comparison of other vendors. Experience: Before selecting a particular vendor, company also analyzes the experience of vendors in terms of the number of years the supplier has been in the industry.

This factor is considered by the organization, as it shows the reliability of the supplier in terms of supplying appropriate quantity of product at the right time and right place. Partnership Approach: This factor is used in order to evaluate the supplier’s capability with reference to system compatibility and technology compliance with the company. In current business scenario, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags technology is gaining significance, as it help in tracking the movements of goods in the supply chain (Poirier & McCollum, 2006). It is the reason that company is also considering to implement this by the end of December 2007 (University of Phoenix, 2011). Thus, by considering this factor, company will prefer those suppliers, who became compliant in the same timeframe. Customer Reference: Under this factor, company checks the number of customer references for the relevant supplier. If a supplier has more customer references and all other factors are also positive, it will be preferred by the company over other vendors.

Commitment to community: On the basis of this factor, company analyzes the supplier’s commitment to community in terms of social and welfare programs organized by it (University of Phoenix, 2011). This factor is also important before selecting a suitable supplier because if a vendor is not committed towards its community, it can face the resistance from communities. Further, it can hamper the ability of supplier to supply the product on right time. Thus, it can cause to loss of customers and money for the company. Company considers all these factors before selecting an appropriate vendor. Characteristics of Alternative Vendors For the supply of custom manufactured sweaters, Yunnan Textiles and Crest Fashion can be the alternative vendors. Following are some characteristics that will make these vendors an acceptable substitute: Characteristics of Yunnan Textiles: On the basis of factors that are considered by the company to select an appropriate supplier, Yunnan Textiles has some characteristics that will make it an acceptable substitute. The averaged lead time provided by this supplier is 4 weeks that is low in comparison of other suppliers. At the same time, the operating and database systems of this supplier are also compatible to Great Women’s systems (University of Phoenix, 2011). Similarly, it is also expected to become RFID tags compliant by the December 2007, at the same time, when the company would be complaint. This characteristic of Yunnan textiles will also enable it an acceptable substitute. In addition to this assignment help, it is also one of the top 500 trade companies in Mainland China, which supplies dresses, tops, jackets and sweaters to a variety of retailer chains in UK and US. This supplier is also working towards gaining the ISO 9000 certification and when it will gain this certificate, it will be able to provide qualitative products to the company.

Thus, all are some characteristics that enable the Yunnan Textiles as an acceptable substitute. Characteristics of Crest Fashion: On the other side, Crest Fashion has only few characteristics in order to become an acceptable substitute. First, it is recommended by the several buyers in the fashion industry. Secondly, this supplier is involved in creating sustainable environmental practices for the fashion apparel industry (University of Phoenix, 2011). Second characteristic shows that this supplier is committed towards community and in future, there will be no problem regarding the resistance of community. Thus, it will enable the supplier to keep regularity in the supply of products.On the basis of above characteristics of both suppliers, it can be stated that Yunnan Textiles can be the best acceptable substitute vendor of Chaowang Garments in comparison of Crest Fashion. Conclusion On the basis of above discussion by case study assignment help experts stated that firms should analyze different factors associated with vendors before selecting an appropriate vendor. Some of the factors include lead time, value of money, experience, customer reference, partnership approach and commitment to community through which different vendors can be compared. It is also identified that Yunnan Textiles and Crest Fashion has some characteristics that will also make them acceptable substitutes for the company. References Dolgui, A. & Proth, J. M. (2010). Supply Chain Engineering: Useful Methods and Techniques. Germany: Springer. Poirier, C. C. & McCollum, D. (2006). RFID Strategic Implementation and ROI: A Practical Roadmap to Success. USA: J. Ross Publishing. University of Phoenix. (2011). Retail Operations: Supply Management. [Computer Software]. Retrieved from, University of Phoenix, Resource, Simulation.