Tips for a Good Library Assignment

While writing library assignment certain points need to be considered like:

Understand the question:

The writer is required to understand the question properly, so as to give answers in compliance to the given instructions.

Relevant Topic:

Try to select the topic that is relevant to study and research is possible on it. Analyse the material and information needed to continue the task.


Find out all the related facts and figures about the topic. The information can be gathered from internet, textbooks, journals, reference books, etc. Questionnaire, observations, focus groups, etc can also be used to gather primary information.

Start Writing:

After gathering all the necessary information, jot them onto the paper. Remember that none of the point is left behind.

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Before submitting your assignment, focus on the formatting done. The assignment must be cleanly written, easy to read, referencing must be proper, and structuring must be good.

Word Limit:

Complete your assignment within the word count allotted to the writer and do not extend the word count.

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