Tips for Grading Wikipedia Assignment

Work Quality:

Grading of the work must also be done on the basis of quality of work. If unnecessary matter is included in an assignment, it is of no use.

Secured content:

The Wikipedia assignment never gets lost. You can access the required topic anytime through Wikipedia. Your work will also be saved in the contribution history of Wikipedia site from where you can take help anytime.


The assignment must contain reliable and accurate information. Most of the students depends upon Wikipedia to prepare their assignments or reports.

Upgraded information:

Before including any information into assignment, make sure that the provided facts and figures are latest and upgraded. Outdated information is of no use.

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Evaluate the Work:

Work need to be evaluated in order to ensure the good quality of work as grading is based on the quality. Evaluation signifies which area need improvement for getting high grades.


Always welcome feedback from viewer who read out your assignment. It will allows you to check the points or part of matter which need to be improved by the writer so that more attention of reader can be acquired.

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