Top Tips for Assignment Writing

Understand the Topic:

The students must give time to clearly understand the topic. By learning, you can give more advanced suggestions and detailed information about the topic. It will put impression in front of the teacher that you have put efforts to understand the assignment. This will not only help you out during an assignment but also enhances your knowledge.

Don’t Rely on One Source:

It is foolish to rely only on one source to gather information. The students must approach various books and online websites to improve the understanding. Research must be done to collect fresh and primary information related to the topic.


Some articles or assignments requires OSCOLA, bibliography, and footnotes. OSCOLA is a type of referencing which is used to cite primary as well as secondary information. Footnotes are presented at the bottom of the essay to give additional information.

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Assessing the Essay:

Assessing the whole assignment is a time-consuming task but it allows the reader to know their mistakes and work upon them.  Always double check your assignment before actually submitting it to teacher.

Word limit:

Try not to cross the limit of words allotted to finish the assignment. Some universities often do negative marking if you cross the word count. Bulking the assignment with too many words is useful if you are adding unnecessary information. All the relevant data must be filtered to complete the task within limit specified.

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