Traits and Functions of Management Assignment Help

Traits and Functions of Management Assignment Help

As per business management assignment help experts, there are four functions of management such as: planning, organizing, directing/leading and controlling. These functions of management have a direct relationship with different traits such as: communication, leadership and productive & results-oriented.            

Planning: It is one of the functions of the management that fits with the traits of effective managers. Planning can be made effective by making effective communication system within the organization. This is important for the manager that he/she should get the ideas, thoughts and perceptions of the employees. The effective manager gathers the reliable and relevant information from the organizational people by proper way of communication. This information is very helpful to take appropriate decisions regarding planning (Lussier, 2011). In addition, leadership traits also require planning as essential functions to lead the organization in the right direction.  If the leadership is not right, then planning becomes fail and creates problems to be an effective manager for the organization. Along with this, productive and result oriented managerial traits are also fit with planning of the managers that is essential to make good results (Barbazette, 2007).            

Organizing: It is another management function that is quite fit with managerial traits. It is because communication is required for organizing the resources of the company.  With the help of communication, managers can delegate and allocate the tasks to the organizational people for effective organizing. The communication helps managers to determine the skills and knowledge of the employees, so that he/she can assign them the right job and tasks. In addition, leadership also fits with the organizing, because leadership traits help to achieve organizational goals and objectives (Churchill & Frankiewicz, 2006). Leadership traits make effective coordination among all the organizational employees and motivate them to work in the efficient way. Result and predictive oriented traits also contribute in making appropriate organizing process in the organization and to make more effective managers. Thus, the management functions are quite fit with the traits of an effective manager that are essential for organizational growth and development (Traversi, 2007).

Directing/leading: This function of management is directly related with the communications traits. For instance, with the help of effective communication skills, managers in the organization lead and manage staff and team.  In addition, it should also be noted down that leading a group of people needs an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and that comes only through interaction (Roussel, 2011). Hence, in the direction or leading, communication plays a significant role. On the other hand, when a manager makes the plans and assigns tasks to subordinates, a manager needs to communicate with them. To get the tasks done from people, a manager needs to be in constant touch with them so that he is able to track work progress and know the difficulties they may be facing at work (Brenton & Driskill, 2010).            

Controlling: It is also one of the main functions of management that has a positive link with the leadership traits of a manager. For instance, controlling group performance is an important function of leadership. In addition, a leader controls the group performance by involving different operations (Forssell, 2008). For example, the leader often gives instructions as the work proceeds and the situation changes. Additionally, the leader also observes the behavior in order to control the work performance of the team members.

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