University Of Adelaide Built Chatbot to Solve ATAR Score Queries

University Of Adelaide Built Chatbot to Solve ATAR Score Queries 

Recently, a chatbot has been built by the University of Adelaide for handling the thousands of questions and queries come at the end of the academic year in Australian Universities in terms of ATAR bonus points. This is the Oracle cloud based bot which is implemented by Rubicon Red and was trialled late last year.

College Admission in Australia in 2019

On the result day in Australia, thousands of South Australian year 12 students receive their ATAR (Australian Territory Admission Rank), the all important standardized score in order to gain admission in universities across Australia. As per assignment help experts, all these students are desperate to know about their bonus points in ATAR as they can improve their chances of gaining admission to the University of Adelaide.

Therefore, they call to the University for Getting Answer few questions and learn about their adjusted score. But this past year, 2100 of those students skipped the long procedure to talk to eh university on phone. Instead they used Facebook Messenger to initiate with the chatbot and getting answers about their bonus eligibility and adjusted ATAR score.

“During such a stressful and anxious time, it is always been really difficult for us to support the adjusted ATAR calls.” says Catherine Cherry, Associate Director and Prospect Management at University of Adelaide.  They do not want applicants having to wait for longer hours on the phone to get their queries solved. It is really important that they would get their adjusted ATAR score as soon as possible and could start their search regarding the University of their Choice.

Without the chatbot options, the staff at the university could not able to handle thousands calls on phone to answer student’s queries. It can create really a bad first experience with the university. The chatbot built within four weeks, resides within the Facebook messenger as well as trained on multiple questions used in previous year to help the students in getting their adjusting scores.

This chatbot has been given deep learning based natural language understanding (NLU) through which it is able to deliver conversational and personalized responses including congratulatory comments. For working on this, just enter the chatbot, there will be three minutes on Facebook messenger and students will get their adjusted ATAR.

According to Oracle, the machine learning enabled the chatbot to pick up things and learn as it goes long. It makes it more powerful as the usage increases and also remembers previous conversations and their contexts.

But what about the students who have more questions or want suggestions? So, for those students, who actually called through and spoke to one of their staff, they were able to answer the phone in least time. The efficient chatbot was built by the university by using intelligent bot capability in Oracle Cloud Enterprise Platform. It uses a very simple data integration strategy. Oracle’s mobile platform enabled developers for quickly creating a chatbot which will provide tools such as prebuilt interfaces with famous chat platforms like Facebook, Slack, WeChat and others.