Video Class Assignment Tips

Gather all the information and resources available before actually starting your assignment. Students can take guidance by going through the tutorials available on various websites like iMovie ’11. Classroom services are available which are responsible to make students understand how to use the video recording device. The video assignment must contains opening and closing of the topic, audio, background music, photos related to the topic, supporting video footage to make your assignment more creditable. The video must be finished between 2-4 minutes or maximum 5 minutes. It is suggested that your video must be in upgraded format (mp4). Analyse how you want to submit your project to the teacher. The different options available are CD, Hard disk,, Media upload, pen drive, etc.

When the assignment is being prepared in video, certain points need to be kept in mind. Avoid making your video for long time period. The video must be prepared in such a way that can connect the audience to the video until entire duration of an assignment. The video must be in high quality dimension with good sound quality. DU Digital Media Center can be used by the students to make videos as it provide advantage of cool video software. Always make a stable video, the student can also make use of images in video but remember to cite them.

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Some of the video softwares are iMovie – Mac, Avid Media Composer First, Camtasia Studio and PowToon. Try to use the original content and copyright your assignment so that cannot be used by anyone else. It you are adding images to your project, always cite them with reference like Flickr Creative Commons, Flickr Creative Commons, and

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