Wal-Mart Case Study Evaluation Assignment Help

Wal-Mart Case Study Evaluation Assignment Help Introduction The main aim of this Wal-Mart Case Study Assignment Help paper is to shed light on the supply chain management of Wal- mart which is a leading supplier of product through transportation over the global level. In addition to this, the developments in the supply chain of business are also discussed for the reference of local retail business. On the other hand, impact of technology adoption for the supply chain management is also focused on the successful growth of business is also evaluated.

Moreover, the suitable implementation strategies for the local business are also demonstrated for supportive enhancement of local retail business. Analysis of supply chain strategy that is adopted by the Wal-mart Supply chain management is the major aspects of the Wal-mart business which is focused on the transportation of products on timely manner. The Wal-mart business has also experienced the successful positive impact of supply chain management which directly lead the business towards business growth (Robinson, 2015). In the successful life journey of Wal- mart, it has adopted several strategies through it has also gained the competitive advantages at global level.

The retail giant Wal- mart is successfully operating at more than 25 countries over the globe with quality service to its client. Along with this, it is also operating the 11, 000 retail stores in the world so it seems that the business has acquired the strategic tactics to provide the efficient service in less cost manner. The business has adopted the imperative model of supply chain through which it leads towards the saving of time and cost for the valuable customers (Natto, 2014).

From the analysis of supply chain management of Wal- mart, it has adopted the cost structure for transportation which is aimed to reduce the cost for the business. In relation to this, company has adopted the Vendor Managed Inventory through which the manufactures are accountable for the maintaining the products of Wal- mart in its warehouse in safely manner so that the company is able to manage the order at 100% on merchandise.

Along with this assignment help, it has also adopted the strategic vendor partnership which is supportive for the company that the company determine the low cost products from the streamlined vendors and company established the long term relationship for bulk purchasing as comparative with the market vendors.

On the other hand, Wal –mart business has also adopted the Cross Docking as Inventory Tactics. From this strategy, company can replenish efficiency in its inventory as it is a cost effective practices by which the company can transfer the products from outbound and inbound transportation without any additional charges. Discussion on the innovation which are made by the Wal-mart to become more efficient Wal- mart business is potently known for the practices of innovative in its business operations. Technology played an active role in the efficient daily operations of the company with reducing cost and resources. In relation to this, the retail business has adopted the bar code technique through which the inventory of the product can easily be reviewed as per the requirements of products (Lichtenstein, 2011).

Along with this, the supply chain is also tracked by the Global Satellite System which is supportive for the business to enhance the performance and make the transportation service fast by mitigating the unwanted cost. Radio frequency identification tags are also used by the Wal-mart so that the distance between track orders can easily be determined with the numerical codes. Further, the business is also implemented the EDI for the purpose of procurement (Kempf et. al, 2011). GPS tracking system is also adopted by the Wal-mart which assists the company to assess the location of transportation.

Adaption of Wal- mart’s supply chain management for local retailer The local retail business can adopt the strategies of supply chain management but these are costly for the small business. Along with this, it needs active integration of vendor and stakeholders who have engaged into the supply chain of business. On the other hand, it can easily be adopted by the local retailer through examining the operational feasibility of supply chain techniques. Conclusion On the basis of above analysis of case study of Wal- mart, it can be said that the supply chain management strategies are effective which has supported the business to grow in the competitive era. In relation to this, the innovation in the technology is also imperative for business to make the operations fast and cheap.

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