What is Writing Assignment

Assignments are prepared for different purposes either for learning or for communication. There are basically two types of assignments: Formal and informal assignments. The structure and information included in assignment depends upon the type of an assignment. Informal assignments are basically short and unplanned. These assignments do not require very extensive research and involves short duration of time for preparation. The basic purpose of writing informal assignment is a way to support learning.

Informal assignments are usually written to express ideas and thoughts and involve active thinking and involvement with material that allows developing the thinking capability of a student. Preparing notes during class and discussion are informal writing assignment. In other words, these assignments are in-class writing activities. Examples are scenarios, one-minute papers, freewriting, logbooks, and microthemes.

Formal assignment requires deep study and research of the topic. The main motive of preparing formal assignment is to act as a source of communication. These assignments get more connected to audience and considered as reader-based assignments. The purpose of these assignments is to enhance the literary skills of a student. Analytical, informational, argumentative, reflective, and expressive are the main styles of formal assignment.

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Research proposal, dissertation, essays, and reports are examples of formal writing assignments. These assignments are complex to prepare and require long duration for completion. A formal writing is objective-based and each point needs to be explained. While preparing the assignment, the writer must consider the words allotted to prepare it.

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