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Analysis of Work Environment Assignment Help: For XYZ organization, the work environment is a combination of different factors that are important for organizational success and its growth with the help of their proper use. Some factors could be controlled by the organizations, while some could not be controlled.  As per our assignment help experts following are some factors that an organization could face:


Changes in technology: The aspects of technology within organization are quite important because of its significant involvement in organizational productivity. Technological factor could be controlled with proper guidance and effective operating techniques that could be provided by an organization to its employees at the workplace.


Management of time period: For much productivity, organization can control its operational time period with the help of different production techniques and uses of advanced technology in production process. It could decrease involvement of total time for making finished goods that could be profitable for organization.


Economic Change: Economy is a backbone of every organization that can be controlled by the significant management of economic policy, investment decisions and analysis of governmental economic policy.


Human power and their performances: Without the involvement of human power no organization can run, but it could not be controlled properly as there are several other elements that influence the human behavior and performance. It is a major problem for an organization to control its manpower but with the help of effective human resource management and policies, it could be managed.


Organizational culture: Organizational culture is a set of cooperative thinks that is based on employees’ attitudes. It is a critical factor for the success of an organization, but it could not be controlled because every employee has their own values, moral, perceptions, and attitudes that can be managed only.


Factors Controlling Process Controlling factors could be controlled with the following strategies:


Strategy for controlling technological changes: The technological changes can be controlled by proper training and development of technical skills of employees to use technical apparatus in all functions. For technological controls, organization can get information from its external environment that could be effective to adopt new technologies. Organization can employ some skilled employees related to new technology that could help to grow technical skills of other employees.


Time management: In the competitive work environment, the time has its importance, so organization can save its productive time with the help of just-in-time approach that provides guideline to work for getting more profits. It significantly improves the effectiveness of organizational performance and employees both. The time management is effective for production unit because any delay could increase the cost of finished goods.


Economical Change: By the proper analysis of governmental fiscal and monitory policy, currency exchange rate and external economic conditions, organization can control its economic conditions . With the help of this assignment help analysis, organization could plan its economic structure for gaining extreme profits.


Performance of employees: proper guidance and best leadership actions could be vital for employees to improve their individual performances. Organization can improve the performances of its employees by the help of extra work incentives, healthy work culture, and facilities for their family


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