Corporate Level Strategy:

The corporate level strategy is made by the top level of the organization to determine that what business should the organization be in? The top level of Ford Motor Corporation includes its CEO and president. When Alan Mulally was the CEO, then the company faced several operational problems related to unity as well as communication. Alan Mulally designed a corporate business plan to make more efficient and leaner international organization. This plan was quite effective for Ford Motor Corporation to increase the profit and growth of the organization. This plan is more concentrated on the four priorities that remain unchanged till original implementation of the plan in 2007. These four priorities are as follow: Case Study Assignment help Services

  • Restructuring of the current demand and changing models to operate the profitability in the aggressive manner.
  • Speed-up the development of needs and values in terms of high quality, safe and secure products, fuel efficiency etc.
  • This plan also prioritized its financing and enhancing the balance-sheet
  • Finally, Alan included that the organization will work as a team that will be helpful for it to leverage of its global assets.

At the same time strategy management assignment help experts says that, the plan of Ford is also appropriate for communication activities to improve the knowledge of customers about the organizational products. The corporate strategies also include communication methods to spread the information in the market. These communication methods include social media, two way communication, nontraditional marketing and traditional marketing

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