Cover letter writing assignment help

Making a cover letter in addition to resume always seems a mammoth task. Job seekers often do not understand its importance, as they believe it is just a formality and the real thing is their resume. What they don’t understand is that many companies regard cover letter more than resume and if you fail to produce a good one, your application would very likely go to trash. Therefore, it becomes imperative to learn how to create a cover letter that would impress the Hr at first look. Internet is flooded with templates and examples of cover letters. Keeping this in mind, our assignment experts have given some crucial tips to make cover letter. 

1.Don’t rewrite resume- cover letter does not mean that you go on repeating the things in your resume with a turn of words. A cover letter allows you to explain your previous experiences without the need to be written in bullet points. 

2.Talk about your capabilities- you don’t have to exaggerate on the importance of the job position in your life. This is not what the employers want to hear. The things that would interest them are your abilities and experience that you would be bringing to the position. 

3.Identify requirements- study the company and the requirements that job entails. Then elaborate on how you are perfect for the role describing your previous work profile and strengths. 

4.Education- new recruits go on and on about their education. Remember that employers are more interested in your previous experience at a related job and if you don’t have one, you may list an internship or a volunteering experience. 

5.Story- you can describe in a few words what inspired you to work for this company. It can be anything such as a product of the company or a recommendation from a friend that led you to apply for this job. 

6.Illustrate your achievements- make use of graphs and data to show your achievements. Numerical tabulations show that you can bring results, which is a necessary attribute every employer is looking for. You may also quote feedbacks that your seniors have given you for your excellent work. 

7.Create custom- you need to address the Hr with his name in the cover letter. It is better this way otherwise mentioning his position would only reflect that you are sending out the same cover letter to a number of companies. 

8.Social links- since you are already sharing your social media links on your resume; there is no need to mention them again on the cover letter. 

9.Font- choose a clearly legible font for cover letter writing. Avoid cursive fonts or the fancy ones because they take away the will to read and your application might be tossed to trash. 

10.Year gap- there is really no need to mention it specifically but if you have a good reason behind taking a year off, you can mention it in the cover letter. Cover letter is a means to communicate details that are not possible to be explained in bullet points. You need to appear enthusiastic for the job opportunity and not just willing to accept one. If you are in need of college assignment help, you can visit our portal.