How to create an outstanding literature essay

The aim of a literature essay is to scrutinize a piece of literary work. Students are asked to go through a prose or poem and form their opinions on it in the form of an essay. Sometimes they are asked to comment on the effect of writing on contemporary society. Such tasks are often assigned to university students to monitor their progress throughout the course. It is imperative that you lay necessary emphasis on literature essays because a considerable percent of your marks depend on them. Our assignment writing help experts have classified this task into the five stages of reading, planning, research, writing and proofreading. 

1.Reading- read the literature at your comfortable pace to understand it. If you are not clear on the meaning of some words, consult a dictionary or look over online sources. After reading, look for similar articles in order to gain a better perspective on the topic. While taking notes, make sure that you also note down the reference properly. Some universities are adamant on the issue of plagiarism. Therefore, never forget to quote the source of your point. 

2.Planning- make a rough outline of your thoughts after reading the text. Make connections between the various parts of the essay and plan how you would be relating it to the text. The symbolism and purpose of every paragraph should be relevant to the text and specifically mentioned in the plan. This practice will make sure that you do not miss anything from the text. 

3.Research- while examining the text, you can look at the work of contemporary philosophers, artisans, painters and other writers. This activity will reflect that you are taking interest in the assignment. 

4.Writing- it cannot be generalized as everyone has his or her own style of writing. Some people like to over the introduction part after finishing the essay. It is also better to think about your topic after completing the essay. Essay normally has three paragraphs-

  • Introduction- its purpose is to grab the attention of reader. Create the introduction to include quotations, anecdotes or some thought provoking questions. You may also enlist the importance of your writing in context to the literature.
  • Body- it encompasses generally three paragraphs bringing different ideas of the text to the reader’s attention. It also includes some lines directly from the literature as a proof to what is being said.
  • Conclusion- it is meant to tell the reader that the essay has come to an end. It states the main points of body again to give the reader a wholesome idea of the text.

5. Proofreading- re-read the complete essay to look for any spelling errors and use of punctuation marks. If you have typed the essay on computer, it is best to run it on a grammar checker available online before final submission. The referencing should also be duly done in the citation style asked by your professor. If you are falling behind the deadline of submission and need urgent assignment help, we are there for you. Our portal will provide you all the necessary details regarding assignment help. You can also chat with us anytime regarding any assignment related queries.