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One such example of IT assignment help  is provided here, for this assignment,we selected the topic: corrections/prisons and education system. In this Information Technology Assignment help we discussed  how technologies or information systems have contributed to the problem and how you will propose technology be implemented into the solution.

Technology Influences

Prison education system is known as correctional education that covers different education activities occurring inside the prison. Both vocational training and academic education are included in prison education system. Technology and information system plays important role in prison education system to train the prisoners. Technology and information systems can create the problem in prison education system due to lack of knowledge and skills of prisoners. Prisoners have lack of knowledge and skills to operate internet and IT and lack of attitude to learn activities that create problems in prison education system. Lack of knowledge and skills of prisoners to access the internet and IT is a significant barrier to learn and other activities of prison education system. Prison education system is not effective to utilize the IT to educate prisoners due to lack of skills among them and possibility of its misuse. Without proper utilization of IT, prison education system cannot provide the academic education to prisoners.  One of the major issues in information technology of prison education system is availability of technology. Another issue is quality of information available on the prison education system that creates problem for them to provide education for prisoners. In prisons, IT resources are limited that can be disadvantage of prison education system. Internet access and information technology is not allowed in prisons for safety measures that can create problem for prison education system to provide academic education for prisoners. Most of the governments do not allow prisoners to access internet and use IT in prisons that affect communication between the trainers and prisoners. It is essential that prisoners have access to internet and IT in learning of IT skills, but the generally poor, out of date IT create problems in prison education system to improve IT skills of prisoners. Without internet and IT, prison education system cannot control and properly supervise the prisoners that impact the education related activities. Government should allow the prisoners to access the internet and IT to encourage the prison education system with some restrictions to reduce problem and encourage prison education system.

They should provide the sufficient IT resources to create the positive environment for learning and try to improve the life style, knowledge and skills of prisoners. Government must create a positive learning environment for training and learning in prison by providing limited and secured access to internet. Government, society and NGO should support the prison education system and provide sufficient IT resources, so that effective training and knowledge for prisoners could be facilitated. Training and leaning environment in prisons play an important role to improve the daily life of prisoners as well as resettlement of them after release, so government focuses on maintaining the positive environment of learning. We also provides management assignment help to our US,UK and Australian students. Through internet and information technology, prisoners could achieve academic knowledge through distance learning programs of universities that will help them to resettle their life after release. Government should recruit the experienced trainer those have skills in communication and IT to effectively implement technology in prison education system and to improve the skills and knowledge of prisoners. Experienced trainers can effectively coordinate and control prisoners through maintaining the communication with them. It can effectively analyze the problems in prison education system related to IT and contribute to solve them. Experienced IT trainer can remove the barriers in prison education system related to technologies or information system and contribute to maintain the educational environment in prisons. 

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