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Business with ChineseIntroduction, Greeting and Handshaking To handle with Chinese businessmen, showing off the excessive emotion should be avoided, while introducing as Chinese prohibits showing their emotions in front of business partners or any foreigner (Gomez & Xiao, 2001). Our Australian International Culture Assignment Help experts says that Chinese use formal introduction with the new one, so it should be remembered. Additionally, handshake is accepted by the Chinese as a first greeting that should be conducted after introducing the partners. Chinese also prefers to nod or slight bow as a greeting (Millet. 2007). 

Exchange the Business Card: While exchanging the card, both hands should be used by giver and taker and facial expression should be polite in front of the Chinese businessmen (Mitchell, 2000). Additionally, while sitting, the cards should be placed at table and the cards should be printed in English on one side and in Chinese on other side. Cards should not be folded as it is avoided by Chinese business persons. Formal or pleasant words should be used, while exchanging the cards with Chinese businessmen (Kan, Lau, Martin & Robinson, 2008). We also provide International Culture case study assignment help to our clients.Explanation of Position: Chinese prefers to use last name and professional position during the meeting and knowing anything about other person (Mitchell, 2000). So, while conducting meeting with Chinese businessmen, the last name and designation of the assistant and boss’s name and her designation would be communicated. Shocking or extra friendly nature in speaking would be avoided, while running business meeting with Chinese that will help to act like his culture (Millet. 2007). 

Lunch Time and Place: as per International Culture Assignment Help experts, In any Chinese banquet, he will be invited for lunch as Chinese businessmen prefers to take lunch at Chinese place. At banquet, card should be placed at table that should be arranged effectively (Kan, Lau, Martin & Robinson, 2008). Chinese prefers to take lunch in mid of the day, so, this time should be selected for the lunch. In lunch, alcohol drink should be made available as it is liked by the businessmen in China (Gomez & Xiao, 2001). 

Exchange of Gifts: Gifts should be exchanged with Chinese businessmen. It is because it is believed by the Chinese people that gift is the symbol of politeness that is presented by the giver gently that should be accepted by Chinese businessmen (Gomez & Xiao, 2001). Additionally, tangible gift instead of thank you not should be exchanged as it will be as per the business culture of China (Kan, Lau, Martin & Robinson, 2008). 

Business Discussion: After finishing the lunch, business discussion should be started. It is because during the lunch time, enough time will be kept to maintain trust over each other that are important part of running or starting any project with new business partner (Kan, Lau, Martin & Robinson, 2008). So, after completing the lunch meeting schedule should be planned, so that each aspect can be cleared. Conferences should be avoided during the business discussion as these are ignored by Chinese business persons in making a business deal. Other points such as saying good bye and keep flexibility in the meeting should be prepared (Gomez & Xiao, 2001).   References Gomez, E. T & Xiao, X. (2001). Chinese Business in South-East Asia: Contesting Cultural Explanations, Researching. USA: Routledge. Kan, J., Lau, H., Martin, D & Robinson, O. (2008). China & Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Crimson Publishing. Millet. J. (2007). Chinese Etiquette & Protocol. Retrieved from Mitchell, C. (2000). A Short Couse in International Business Culture. USA: World Trade Press. Get International Culture Assignment Help with assignmenthelpexperts.comYou will get 100% original and quality business assignment help of all subjects. We assure you that your assignment paper and personal information will not be discussed with others. You can contact us 24X7 for our assignment help