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Marketing is one of the most fundamental and important function of the management. It is very important for students to master concepts like environment analysis, framing marketing objectives, 4Ps/7Ps of marketing products and services, identifying various segments of the market, finalising the positioning of the products and services, and targeting the selected segment. There are various assignments that are framed around these concepts that a student may need help with.

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Our Assignment Experts are proficient in the marketing management and can provide you complete help with these assignments. Marketing has taken presently role of the central function around which all the other functions of the business like operations, supply chain, human resources, sales revolve and support the marketing objectives of the firm. Our team has several experts who can help you in this process of learning these concepts and getting high grades in your assignments. In the marketing planning process and related Assignment Help, there are typically a number of different players who take on different roles in the marketing plan’s research, development, and implementation.  We have identified two potential players in this process, and discuss how you would define their roles as healthcare marketers in the context of a local healthcare organization to develop understanding of the students in this important field.

Marketing Research  Plan

There are several roles played in order to make marketing research plan such as development, and implementation. For example, the marketing manager would develop the marketing research plan in order to fulfill strategic marketing objectives of healthcare organization. It means the marketing manager would be responsible for the development of this plan. On the other hand, the marketing executives will implement this research plan to achieve the desired outcomes. The executive will consider this plan as a marketing strategy for the growth and success of healthcare organization. So, for the development and implementation, these would be two potential players in the process of marketing research plan. In order to complete the objectives and aims, different roles would be played by these potential players for the organization. In this way, the marketing manager and executive would perform certain functions and activities related to this marketing research plan (Brace, 2008).

Role of Marketing Manager

For the innovative and significant marketing research plan, the marketing manager would specify important and needed information to address the potential issues in the area of healthcare market. In addition, the manager will collect the data from the effective process of data collection. At the same time, he would analyze the outcomes and communicate the finding and their implication in a more effective manner. In addition, marketing manager would develop an analysis plan to achieve the results. Along with this, he would be fully responsible for the performance analysis. Through the performance analysis, the marketing manager would draw conclusions and make necessary recommendations. Hence, with the help of these recommendations, he will solve specific marketing problems of the healthcare organization. For instance, he would perform the functions of segmentation, pricing, promotion and distribution research. So, it is analyzed that for the effective development of marketing research plan, the marketing manager would execute such types of role for the success of healthcare organization .

Role of marketing Executives

The marketing executive would also execute certain role in the implementation of marketing research plan. For example, the marketing executives would manage the marketing mix function. In addition, they would be also responsible for CRM function in order to maintain the strong relationship with the customers effectively. At the same time, marketing executives would be involved in aspects of marketing, including: strategic planning; advertising; promotion; public relations; product development; distribution; sponsorship; and research. Apart from this, the marketing executive would also manage and indentify advertising opportunities in order to build and maintain contacts with the media. Additionally, they will also manage the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters and flyers. As per the marketing assignment help experts research plan, they would also arrange effective distribution of marketing materials. In this way, executives would develop strategic relations to secure sponsorship to assist with the publicity and funding of marketing projects. AssignmentHelpExperts provides the most professional marketing assignment help, College Assignment Help and Assignment Writing Services to Australian students,

Thoughts or Point of View

The marketing manager and executive have completed several roles, responsibilities and functions in marketing research plan effectively and properly. For instance, in the development of marketing research plan, the marketing manager has dealt with the potential issues in the area of healthcare market for the local healthcare organization effectively. On the other hand our marketing assignment help experts says that performance analysis is also conducted by the marketing manager in order to make more effective and reliable research plan (Wiid & Diggines, 2010). Several functions are also performed by the marketing executive in order to maintain the relationship with the customers and media in an effective manner. Additionally, to successfully achieve the desired outcomes, marketing material is also distributed by the executive properly. Hence, it is estimated that in the marketing research plan, both the marketing manager and executive performed their functions more effectively for the healthcare organization.

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