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Marketing Channels Assignment help | Online Marketing Channels Assignment help In this marketing assignment help you will understand that Why are marketing channels and intermediaries necessary and important functions carried out by intermediaries. Marketing channel is the set of interdependent organizations that ease the transfer of product from producer to consumer. Marketing channel includes manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer. Marketing channels are traditionally viewed as a bridge between producers to users. Through marketing channels, tangibles and intangible things are transferred between individuals and organizations. Marketing channels have many intermediaries that help to create new customer values. Intermediaries provide many utilities to customers. Following are the main intermediaries: 

 Retailers: They operate outlets that trade directly with customers. Retailers can be classified according to type of goods, services, size, ownership, location and brands. Wholesalers: Wholesalers have a stock of a range of products from several producers. They sell to retailers directly and usually specialize in particular products. Distributors and dealers: They have main role to take products from producers and selling them to wholesalers or retailers. Sometimes, they sell directly to customers rather than a retailer. At the same time, they have a narrow product range. They are often involved in providing after-sale services. Franchises: Franchises are independent businesses that operate a business of branded product or service with the exchange of fees for getting license or rights to sell. For example, franchises of Reebok, Levis and McDonald’s etc. Modification of Channel Arrangements According to the management assignment help experts that the following are the factors that cause modifications in channel arrangements: Intermediaries: Channel arrangements sometimes are modified due to changes in the requirements of intermediaries. It is so, as sometimes, retailers, suppliers, franchise etc demand extra cost, fee and charges. These demands push changes in channel arrangements. In order to maintain healthy relations with intermediaries, it becomes essential for the organizations to go for modifications in the channels. 

External Environmental Factors: External environmental factors also play a crucial role in making modifications of channel arrangements. Along with this, market conditions, economic situations, political pressure and consumer demand are also responsible for modification developed in channel arrangements. Competitors: Actions and strategies used by rival firms also encourage firms to make changes in channel arrangements to respond the rival firms. It helps the firms to stay in the competition and sustain their business attractiveness. Get Marketing Channels Assignment help from assignmenthelpexperts.comWhen students are trying to solve assignment then student need time to time advice or assignment helper for assignment writing and student will always seek best assignment help expert. Our assignment experts have been taking their experience and always do the hard work for the student assignment. Our assignment help experts write the student assignment help best way and take guarantee that you will get excellent grades in your assignment.We offers the Marketing Channels Assignment help, Marketing assignment help and management assignment help. Our assignment writing team assure you that you will get 100 percent perfect assignment and will be free from plagiarism. We also assure you that your personal information or assignment would not be share with any clients.