Marketing Plan of Life Insurance Company Assignment Help

Marketing Plan of Life Insurance Company Assignment Help Introduction US Life Insurance Company in the city of New York has been taken in order to prepare the marking plan. In this paper, benefits of market research are discussed. Along with this marketing plan assignment help, SWOT analysis and four P’s of marketing mix in marketing plan are also analyzed. Marketing Plan of Life Insurance Company There are different elements such as choosing appropriate objectives, SWOT analysis, selecting marketing strategy, preparation of marketing mix and creation of appropriate action plan are the part of effective marketing plan. It is analyzed that market research is beneficial for the organization in order to prepare the effective marketing plan. With the help of marketing research, company can be able to gather information about the strategies and policies of competitors (US Life, 2012). On the basis of information, organization can be able to prepare effective marketing plan. Organization can also be able to identify the market segments and potential competitors in the industry. Through this, US Life is able to identify the customer needs and upcoming trends in the market. Therefore, it is beneficial for the organization to conduct market research before preparing the marketing plan (Luther, 2011). Following is the marketing plan for US Life: Objectives: In order to conduct the effective marketing plan, it is necessary for US Life to prepare the appropriate objectives of marketing plan. The main objectives of creating the marketing plan are discussed below by by our assignment writing help expert:

  • In order to develop strong customer base that will be interested to use the services of US Life Insurance.
  • In order to position the services in the global market and generate awareness among people about new and enhanced services of US Life (Noble & Watson, 2007).
  • Another objective of this marketing plan is to identify the suitable target market, deciding appropriate pricing strategies, choosing best distribution channel, etc., so that customers will be interested to take benefits of life insurance services.

SWOT Analysis: It is analyzed that SWOT analysis is conducted in order to prepare the effective marketing plan. Following is the SWOT analysis of US Life:

StrengthsØ  Increased variety of productsØ  High premium ratesWeaknessØ  US Life is slow to respond to changing needs of customersØ  Increasing trend of financial weakness
OpportunitiesØ  Improvement in the technologiesØ  Demand for insurance consultantThreatsØ  Increasing expenses and lower profit marginØ  Government regulations on issues such as health care, terrorism etc.

(Source: US Life, 2012) Market Analysis On the basis of SWOT analysis, US Life will conduct the market analysis while preparing the marketing plan. US Life has to analyze effectively mission, vision, goals and objectives of company. Company analysis is done in order to align the organizational goals with product development goals. US Life also conduct the customer analysis to identify what are the value drivers of customers and what strategies should be adopted to retain them for long time. Company will also analyze the existing and potential competitors of US Life. It is necessary to make plan for the attainment of competitive advantage (American General Company, 2009). Marketing Mix Marketing mix is done in order to decide an appropriate mix of product, price, place and promotion for US Life. Product: In the marketing mix, product of US Life such as Index-Linked annuities, single premium immediate annuities, etc. are developed by the firm. Company will also explain about the features and benefits of products. Price: In this, pricing strategy will developed by marketing managers.

There are different pricing strategies such as penetration strategy, skimming strategy and comparable pricing strategy. US Life will select the comparable pricing strategy to capture the reasonable market share (Westwood, 2002). Place: In place strategy, organization has to take decisions such as direct contact with customers, use of intermediaries, use of distribution channel, etc. on the basis of which place strategy will be selected. Promotion: With the help of promotion strategy, US Life will decide about the success of products among the potential buyers. In order to make promotion of insurance product, US Life will adopt the personal selling and advertisement tools (Pride & Ferrell, 2011). Action Plan Proposed Time line and Marketing Budget: Proposed time line for insurance product will be planned about 15 weeks and marketing budget will be planned about $20000 (See Appendix 1). Conclusion From the above discussion by assignment help, it is analyzed that different organizations prepare marketing plan before introducing new product in the market. Market analysis, marketing mix and action plan are the important part of effective marketing plan. Further, effective marketing plan ensures the organization about successful launching of the product.    

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