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 In this online marketing assignment help we have discussed the following marketing trends :

Assignment help experts says that three major marketing trend of current environment are discussed below-

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Internet and Online Marketing: It is a form of marketing in which internet sources like e-mail, social media, pay per click (PPC) and websites are used to promote products or services to customers. In last one decade, numbers of internet users are increasing at a healthy rate that’s why the trend of online marketing is growing. Online marketing includes a wide range of marketing elements compared to traditional marketing that do not need to have huge budget for marketing. It is also known as e-marketing and digital marketing.

Consumer Movement: It is a marketing trend towards consumer economies that offer restricted choice of alternatives. The consumer movement is defined as an effort or activity promoted by consumer groups, government agencies and business firms to protect the rights and interest of consumers. It is a form of resistance against marketing and commercial practices that developed to protect consumer from misleading advertising and unhealthy environment. It includes policies developed by government agencies to regulate product, services, methods of manufacturing and advertising in the interest of buyers or users. A consumer movement also consists of efforts by non-profit organizations to enhance welfare of consumer.

 Importance of Brand Identify: Brand identity is a unique set of brand elements such as brand’s name, logo, attributes, scope, symbol and uses that help consumers to identify and distinguish the brand. It is an important part of marketing that can help to improve brand awareness, generate active consumers, motivate employees and differentiate a specific brand from its competitors. Brand identity is also significant to increase brand loyalty and trust as well as achieve brand positioning. Additionally, brand identity is also vital in marketing because it provides basis for brand management, branding and positioning.

Effect of Online Marketing: At present, most of the business organizations are utilizing internet and online marketing tools for promoting their products or services among the customers. The significant outcomes of online marketing are as below by the marketing management assignment help experts-

  • Nowadays, people prefer to make online shopping for the purchasing of products due to convenience and easiness to make comparison between various alternatives before final purchase.
  • Due to trend of internet marketing, consumer purchasing behavior is changed from traditional purchasing. It is because now consumers not only have choice to see detail information or demonstration of a specific brand on internet, but also have choice to make purchase.
  • Along with this, the increase in online shopping business and transactions as well as reduction in marketing costs is also an important effect of online marketing.

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