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Pricing Strategy Assignment Help  | Strategy Assignment Help | Strategy Management Assignment Help Selecting a pricing strategy is one of the most significant elements in the marketing process.

If, a company price its product or service too low, it would not be able to earn profit. On the other hand, if goods and services are served with too high prices no one will buy them. In this concern, it is essential to research different pricing strategies available to marketers and selected the best as per the ongoing situation for more understanding of pricing  strategy management assignment help, we have discussed the Pricing strategy for Pepsi 2 Similar is the case with Pepsi that also need to do a thorough research for selecting a pricing strategy of its new product Pepsi 2. In this regard, it is vital for the company to identify different factors like cost of production, its objectives, product features, customer expectations etc. As per the new product Pepsi 2 is a new diet soda that tastes like real Pepsi and the product is been in its first stage of product life cycle.

The product introduced by the company is a new addition in its product line so, for this kind of product competitive pricing strategy is beneficial. In present several beverages companies are offering diet soda, so for it would be beneficial for the company to price its new product on the basis of prices competitors are offering. In present competitive environment there is a tough competition between different beverage companies and in this kind of environment the success of a new product depends on its ability to differentiate from competitors . Use of competitive pricing strategy would assist the Pepsi Company in differentiating its new product Pepsi 2. In present number of companies are offering different brands of diet soda with increasing health consciousness among consumers. If, company make use of some other pricing strategy, it would not be able to create differentiation for its new product Pepsi 2. In starting, it is vital to use competitive pricing and thereafter it can make use of some other pricing strategy also. Use of competitive pricing strategy includes cost of product and other relevant factors so; it can be used easily by the company. In the introductory stage of the product, it is vital for the company to attain its objective of survival and this could be attained easily with the help of selected pricing strategy. Use of competitive pricing will appropriate the company to maintain profit by obviating price wars or declining sales. So, it can be said that it would be effective for the company to make use of competitive pricing strategy for its new diet soda Pepsi.

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