Referencing Styles

Learning of referencing styles is one of the most important academic skills along with many other to excel in studies while pursuing your degrees from renowned universities and colleges of the world especially in USA, Australia, and UK. Referencing serves many purposes while you make assignments. First of all, it avoids plagiarism of others ideas, thoughts, and content and provides them due credit.

Not only that, if you refer to some highly acclaimed authors to substantiate your argument or apply theoretical concept; it gives significant credence to your work as well. Further, certain number of references from genuine sources is a part of the requirements to complete an assignment effectively. Also, following a correct referencing style helps the readers of your report or essay to go to the original source and explore further as per the readers’ interest.

So, referencing is one of the very important and critical aspect of assignment writing. There are several referencing style popular across universities.

However, most used referencing styles are Harvard and APA. Other common referencing styles in use are MLA, AGLC (mainly for law assignments), IEEE (mainly for computer/IT related works), and Chicago.As a student, one shall be ready to learn all the aspects of the referencing styles recommended by the university to complete plagiarism free assignments. As a help to the students, we are here providing students quick guide for referencing a. APA Referencing Guide b. AGLC Referencing Guide c. Harvard Referencing Guide d) MLA Referencing Guide e) IEEE Referencing Guide

Our Assignment help writing and make my assignment services ensure that appropriate referencing format and pattern is used across the complete assignment. Not only that, we ensure that varied kind of references like standard books, articles, journals, websites, and primary data is used and we refer them effectively in our write ups.