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Strategic Management Positioning Assignment help on Starbucks Product-Boba teas Company- Starbucks Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for the product or service. Starbucks Positioning and Differentiation Strategy for Boba Teas Boba tea is also known as bubble tea. It was introduced into the Mainland in 1998 and originally from Taiwan and 

then it has been popular in all over the world. In recent time, people like bubble tea for its unique flavor and texture. After the success of coffee products, Starbucks introduced Boba teas products in China. Starbucks is committed to provide Boba tea/bubble tea, blended beverage, coffee, and tea products at a competitive price. Starbucks can position it with quality standards as well as providing the best products and services to its clients. Starbucks is positioning its products through differentiating its products from the competitions. Company provides unique flavors and textures for positioning the Boba Teas. Positioning determines the process through which marketers try to create an image in the mind of target customers and target market for its products or services. The primary elements of positioning for Boba teas are pricing, quality, service, distribution and packaging. Company can consider all aspects of positioning to attract the customers. Starbucks is positioning its Boba teas through differentiating it from the competitors’ products. It provides unique flavors and texture to position the product in the target market. Boba tea is usually a mix of tea, milk, sugar, giant black topical ball, fruit juice or mixed with ice in a blender. It offers boba tea in pastel colors of pink, green and yellow color to attract more customers.

We always provide the original online marketing assignment help services to our clients. Starbucks provides boba tea to customers with the easy starter kit. Easy starter kit includes the flavors of bubble tea powder, bag of boba, bag of non-dairy creamer, longan honey, pearl spoon, etc. Customers make tea in different flavors according to their preferences that is beneficial for company to increase the image of products in the market. Children like to blow the balls out from the straw to shoot as target at each other so company consider them, while packaging or serving the product in the market. Uniqueness and easiness to carry the product also creates positive image among target customers. As per marketing assignment help experts, Company printed its logo and company name in the easy starter kit to differentiate its products from competitors. Starbucks is committed to bring premium boba tea at a competitive price. Company provides attractive offers such as discount or free offers to the customers for positioning the product in the market to differentiate itself from the competitors. Starbucks can use effective marketing strategy to create image in the mind of customers about the boba tea. Starbucks can differentiate its product on the basis of colors, quality and price, which would be effective to determine the success of its products in the market over the existing competitors. It can also make boba tea with customization strategy, which would be effective differentiation strategy to increase the efficiency of its products in the market. The use of effective distribution network to create an image in the mind of target customers would also differentiate it from the competitors. Avail Strategic Management marketing positioning assignment help on Starbucks from assignmenthelpexperts.comContact us 24X7 for business management assignment help at Get 100% original and assignment help services from experienced and trusted assignment writer